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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weather and Walk

Well, we woke up to two inches of snow this much longer will this go on? Of course it did not last too long because the sun came out and it melted. However, it wasnt warm enough to melt the snow berms we still have. Maybe they will be gone by July--at least that's what I am hoping.

We are on the down side of Winter Solstice and headed for the Vernal Equinox on March 20. That means we are gaining a few mintes of daylight a couple times a day. That extra few minutes of daylight is sure nice.

Yesterday I told you about a friend of mine who is walking 440 miles to the U S Capitol in Washington D C to speak with Congress and ask them to write and enact a law which protects display of The Ten Commandments in Courthouses, public buildings and schools.

I am pleased to report the first two days of his trip went very well. Day 1 he walked 35 miles from Mountain City to Glade Spring VA and Day 2 he walked 32 miles to Wytheville VA. He is gaining lots of support from family and friends and others along the way. I don't have any photos but I "borrowed" this one of Scott with a couple other friends of mine Dr. Don and Carole Tarr.

Good Luck Scott--I will be following your walk.

That's it For Today.

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Speedy said...

What a great thing to do. He must be on heck of a guy!!!