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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Town

Well, for those of you that are following along with me on Scott's journey to Washington D C here is the update. Yesterday Scott traveled from Roanoke to Bedford VA in temperatures ranging from 17 to 30 degrees. He has now covered 184 miles of his journey and says walking 32 miles a day is normal.

Scott, you're gaining ground as well as support from across the country. I have heard from people in Texas, Alabama Illinois, California, Oregon, Montana and Canada who are all pulling for you. A retired minister, Dr. Cavin in Forth Worth, Texas is also keeping track of your progress.

When I was growing up Saturday was always a busy day in our little hometown of Mountain City. The farmers would have their work done for the week and the wives would need to buy a few things so everyone piled into the car and went to town on Saturday afternoon. The stores stayed open until 9 PM. You had to get there early to find a parking space sometimes.
Men would be standing around visiting with their friends and neighbors while the ladies did the shopping. The kids were visiting with their friends or sometimes we would go to the movies. Most Saturdays we would go to the roller skating rink.

One of my favorite places was the Rexall Drugstore. The Rexall Drug Store was where the Army Surplus is today. It had the drugstore where you could get your prescriptions filled in the back. It had a gift shop where you could buy all kinds of gifts and small appliances and in the front clear across the window was a magazine Rack about 3 foot high. It held tons of comic books, newspapers, magazines etc. Now, all the boys who came to town used to stand on the corner by the water fountain (it used to be across the street not in front of the bank). Us girls would stand in front of the window pretending to read a movie magazine while watching the boys. When the one we were hoping to talk to walked by we would follow him up the street just in case he noticed us and asked us to the movies. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not.

On the other side of the drugstore closest to Church Street was a grill where they had hamburgers hot dogs etc. It had a soda fountain with stools and there were booths in the back. A chili dog was a dime, a hot dog "all the way" was 15 cents, a coke was a nickel, coffee was a nickel and a hamburger with everything was 20 cents. You could also get a splash of vanila or cherry in your coke and it was still a nickel. In the front of that side was a glass case and a turntable that went round and round where you could get hot peanuts. Oh those peanuts were good.

Mountain City was a great place to grow up. It was just your average friendly town and it still is. I don't think you will find friendlier people anywhere.

Looking Up Town

This is the middle of town (main intersection )
The water fountain

For those of you who want to follow Scott's journey his daily walk to the steps of the U. S. Capitol here is the link

Good luck Scott on your way to Lynchburg, Va today Thoughts and prayers are with you every step of the way.

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Leno said...

Another interesting post Jenny. I remember that drug store at home also. Things have changes so...

JunieLou said...

Jenny, you could be talking about my hometown 50 years ago. We did all the same things but I see you have a stop light. Olathe never managed to need a one....not even today. Thanks for the memories.

JB said...

No wonder you are getting more and more readers, you are hitting your stride and your stories are interesting and give a glimpse of a more peaceful life before the internet brought us all into the crisis by crisis high speed environment we live in today.

Debbie Goode said...

Brings back some old memories, Jen. I miss those 'soda fountain' days with cherry cokes, french fries, and chatting with my friends.....nice post