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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hardee's Every Day

Well, let's see now ---where was I????

Oh yeah, I had just finished giving you a tour of Mountain City - now that you are familiar with the town I want to tell you about a place I am VERY familiar with. I spent a lot of time there while I was in Mountain City.

Yup you guessed it - it was Hardee's.

It was the only place in town I could get on the internet with my laptop. I did have access to dial up but if you have ever had dial up you know how slooooooooowwww it can be. To me dial up is frustrating - I guess I am just a little bit spoiled.

Every morning while I was there I would pack my laptop so I could get on the internet while I ate my biscuits and gravy. Now in Mountain City, Hardee's is the favorite hangout for breakfast, lunch, dinner and after church services at night. They stay open until 10 pm and more than once I closed the place. lol

Here are a few pictures I took of some of the fine people who show up at Hardee's.

Here is Mike, Manager of Hardee's talking with a couple of customers. A good morning there - Ma Phillippi - Enjoyed having breakfast with you.

and here is Ernest and his father in law -- who's watching who?? You boys better be good or I am tellin'

And George and Jim don't always eat at Larry's in Doe Valley.....sometimes they go to Hardee's!

Pretty soon all these tables will be full of the breakfast crowd.

Now here is a trio (June, Coleman and Jean)of loyal breakfast eaters. Biscuits and gravy for all!! The computer person is missing!!

Ruth Loves Ernest --- "Aini't Love Grand"!!!!

A couple of the "after church" crowd----Slick and his lady friend.
and a couple of old classmates "Class of 1963".

The ladies gather to talk at one table
while the men gather to "gossip" at another.

and a pic of my baby sister

I have been here enough I get a discount and I have my own coffee cup in which I get free coffee.

Another picture of Mike making sure the regulars are taken care of.

Remember that table I told you would be full ---- it is --- all regulars.

Like I say, everyone goes to Hardee's for biscuits and gravy and it only costs a dollar.

and in the words of my father, "That's it For Today".

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mountain City TN

Well, I am still working very hard at trying to play "catch up". Still trying to post some of the pics I took in Branson and in TN plus the trip home. So today I will give you a small tour of my hometown, Mountain City, TN.

This is Mountain City Funeral Home owned by Danny Cullop and Lavon Bass and managed by Hugh Slemp, all personal friends of mine. Hugh and I went to high school and college together and every Monday morning he would come pick me up and we would drive across Shady Mountain, pick up another classmate, drive across Holston Mountain and into Bristol TN to go to college. Friday afternoons we would repeat the drive. Boy did I get sick of driving across those mountains every week.

This is the old Johnson County High School where I graduated in 1963. Today it houses some of the county offices and the auditorium has been turned into a beautiful theatre facility where lots of shows are performed during the year. I was lucky enough to get to see one of the plays "Lillies Of The Field" while I was there. It was a great show.

This is downtown Mountain City - a total of about 3 or four blocks long. This used to be the main business district. Nowadays we have a shopping center down on the four lane. This part of town has been revitalized with antique stores, a drugstore with a soda fountain and a couple other stores.

Here is a view closer to the main red light. This used to be the "hopping" part of town with all kinds of small businesses. On Saturday afternoons everyone came to town. You had to be early to get a parking place. The old folks would sit in their cars or stand around and visit with their neighbors. As teenagers we would walk up and down the street, visit with our friends or go to the movies. It cost 25 cents for admission, 10 cents for popcorn and you could get a coke for a dime. Candy bars were a nickel. Now all the businesses that used to be there have closed and new ones have taken over. They have even moved the water fountain. It's not the same anymore.

This is the First Baptist Church at the intersection of Hwy 421 and Hwy 67. The church was founded in April 20, 1794 and the present building was built in 1951.

Here is a view of our city park, called Ralph Stout Park. It has two walking trails, each one half mile long. One is a bark trail and the other is asphalt.

and a photo of the pavilion where there are lots of summer concerts are held.

Part of the bark trail.

And this is the Johnson County Veterans Memorial Wall where names of all those who served from Johnson County are etched into the wall.

A closer photo of the wall.
This part of the wall is dedicated to World War II Army veterans - my father is listed here as Pvt. 1st Class Roy M. Holloway.

This portion list Korean War Veterans. My brother, Doran H. Swift is listed as an Air Force Veteran.

Here is a photo of South Church Street

and one of the smaller shopping centers.

This sign was on one of the businesses in town. It was one I really wanted to visit --but you guessed it -- it was closed.
There you have it - a tour of Mountain City - in the words of my father "That's it For Today".

Friday, June 27, 2008

Back To Work And Rally Pics

Well, Today was a back to work day! Up at 3:30 AM and to work at 5 AM. There is something wrong with this picture. I should still be in bed. I have a thousand things I would rather be doing, however, I do have to eat so:

Hi Ho Hi HO its off to work I go.

Work went really well today. Everyone was glad to see me back. The "Big Boss" said he really missed me and that made me feel good.

The number one thing I have to do since I got back home is catch up on my reading and writing. I really missed reading all my blogs and even though I tried to write more often I didn't have enough internet access to say all I wanted to say. Today, I am posting some of my favorite pics from the rally. I am still trying to get them all into photobucket on the main page so everyone can see.

The rally was lots of fun and also a time for learning. I got great tips on using Picassa from the "Computer Geeks". Thanks Geeks.

Howard's parents came from Louisville KY. What delightful people!! They were a lot of fun. Now if we could just get Sterling into chat.

Here is Becky and Moppah. Poor Becky had an accident on the first day while walking back to her RV. She ended up in the hospital and had surgery the next day. We really missed her and I hope she is feeling better now.

Here is the Dynamic Duo, Ellie and Karon manning the RV Open House and Bandanna table during the registration. They are great friends and love to RV together. They have promised to take me geocaching sometime. I already have "The Outfit".

Here's Mark cooking up some great brats for lunch. Also Sherri and Rodney waiting for their turn at the table. Rodney is Becky's DH and Sherri's brother. Sherri is married to Joe.

and here is Joe. When he is not cracking jokes you can usually find him next to the beer cooler or the buffet.

Jesse posed for this picture. His other half is Ginger (pictured below)

And here is a couple Jesse and Ginger found on the road in Texas. They are Road Kill and Dead Meat. Better known as Chuck and Kathy.

Even the kitty's got into the bandannas. Isn't this one cute.

and here is another cute pet......check out the bandanna on this one. (I believe that is Arlene) Someone correct me if I am wrong.

and another pic of Chuck and Kathy.

Here is Bob and Molly otherwise known as the "Sweetest Couple on The Block" Aren't they just cute and so much fun!! Bob has a bunch of Fun Girls!!

and a picture of "My Big Red Truck" - well not mine but I did get to sit in it and turn the key and roll down the window. What a thrill!!!!!

This is Dale and Mark Bruss Owners of the Big Red Truck.
Linda chillin' under the tent in the rain..

while Howard braves the elements to save her cookbooks from getting wet.

Here is Dee's Jim. He was lots of fun - had a great sense of humor.

Some people in the next cabin love to keep their neighbors awake with their noisy computers. I bet Dee is still on chat. Probably been there all night.

Thanks to Dee, the whole campground knew where Jenny J lived

with her roommate Donna. Donna is studying the contracts for possible sale of her house so she can fulltime.

And here is Ellie walking the dogs for real!!!!!

Here is Rollie and Gina at the Hillbilly Party.

some more of my favorite folks - Jerry and Kit Bertelson Tim Thorpe and Ed and Marilyn Dray.

and last but not least the two reasons I went to the rally. It was a great rally!!!
Can't wait for the next one.
Thanks for the memories Howard and Linda

As you can see how my day was spent , reminiscing over all the fun I had.
Unpacking will just have to wait. It is not high on my priority list.

And in the words of my father, "That's it for Today".