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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Have Arrived Part 2

Since I told you yesterday about my trip - here are the pics - now let me tell you about the pics!! I found you can't get good pics shooting out the window of a greyhound bus going down the road at seventy miles an hour. Not to mention the windshield wipers or the bugs on them, parts of the bus, position of the camera or any other deficiencies you see in these photos. This is not my best pics but you get the idea.

No pics of Washington or Idaho I was napping.

Wide open spaces of Montana

No that is not a picture of a state sign - look at the beautiful snow covered mountains in the background - well I guess you just had to be there!
Gorgeous sunrise over North Dakota
North Dakota Wind Power

Early morning Fargo ND

Crop dusting North Dakota

In to Minneapolis
Downtown Minneapolis I couldnt figure out how to turn this picture around - where are those computer geeks when I need them!
Minnesota Twins Baseball Stadium - Doug this is for you.
A Big Gray Dog
Beautiful Clouds
Minneapolis to Joplin MO bus
Flooding around Mason City Iowa.
Bob and Molly meet me!! Thanks again guys!!

And in the words of my father, "That's it For Today".

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Paula and Tom said...

Glad you made it to the Rally and hope you have a great time. Paula has the same problems taking pictures from the RV but for the ones we keep it's worth the effort. Please say Hi to Bob & Molly. Tom & Paula