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Friday, June 13, 2008

Havin' Fun In Branson!!

Well, let's see where did I leave off.......hmmmmm.....Oh I remember -- I had just arrived in Branson. A lot has happeed since then.

I arrived on Tuesday. My absolutely wonderful friends, Bob and Molly picked me up in Springfield and delivered me to the front door of my cabin here at the ABC Campground . They left me to get settled in - I needed to get rid of all that Greyhound dust and make myself presentable before I met Howard and Linda. It's a little bit scary when you have traveled 1836 miles to live for five days with people you have never met before.

Once, I thought I looked as good as I could I wandered up to the "Big Tent". Several people were milling about. The first person I saw was Linda. My apprehension immediately vanished. There was no need for formal introduction I felt like I had known these people for years. I was just coming home.

A group of ladies were helping to stuff Wecome bags so I joined right in.

All day new people began arriving. It was great to put faces with the names you see on the forum and in chat. Everyone was greeted with "Hugs and Handshakes" as Howard calls it. There were more hugs than handshakes though.

The gathering under the "Big Top" just kept getting larger. I was especially happy to meet Ed and Marilyn. I am a faithful reader of their journal and have corresponded with them but had never met them. A wonderful couple.

In the afternoon, Linda and her assistant, Ginger, offered to teach a class on "How to pretty up a T Shirt". It was a great class and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks Linda and Ginger.

Molly says she is on her second sleeve on the shirt.

Ginger and Barb

Howard's parents, Sterling and Anita, had traveled all the way from Kentucky for this event. It was a pleasure to meet them. You could not find finer people anywhere.

As afternoon faded and evening began, people relaxed and just enjoyed getting to know each other.
We chatters decided we needed our chatroom fix. Out came the laptops. Imagine that!!!

Dueling laptops.

At one point there were eight people around one table all chatting with one another on the internet. Some of the people who had never been into the chatroom were anxious to learn and we were just as anxious to teach them.
We always love getting new people to chat with. Sometimes us "older" chatters (you know who you are JP) tend to forget and we overwhelm the new people without realizing it.

We chatted away with all of our buddies on line until Howard gave us the "Lights Out" sign.

It was a great day in the life of an RV Dreamer.

As, in the words of my father, "That's it for Today".

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