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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Time

Well, today is the last day of October it has been quite a month. I will start with two of my favorite Pumpkins.

This is Lauralei's Pumpkin.

and this is Kimberlei's Pumpkin.

Here is another pumpkin - a Hung Over Pumpkin.

Here is Shull's Farm Corn maze in Mountain City, TN

I was lucky enough to see fall three times this year - so here are a couple more pictures of fall.

And That's it for Today.

Happy Fall' Y'all!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Y'all Speak Southern

Due to some family issues I will be staying in Mountain City a few more days. I will spare you the details now but will explain later.....It will be a rant to be sure.

Being around my friends here has given me a whole new language I would like to share with you.

AIM TO- plan to do - I am aimin' to go to Hardees for brekfus today.
AIRISH- cold - This fall weather is a little bit airish at night.
BIGGITY- vain and overbearing - My sister - she is just a little biggity.
BITTY BIT- a small amount
CARRY ON- to carry on foolishness - That Marse, he likes to carry on about his britches.
CLODHOPPER- heavy work shoes or large shoes
CHUNK- throw, toss - Didja see that quarterback chunk that football at the game?
'COON- Raccoon. Can be Sunday dinner - tastes like chicken, just a little stringier
COW LICK- hair standing out on one's head. Shes has got the cutest little cowlick.
DIRECTLY- in a little while, or a couple of weeks I'll be home directly.
DIXIE- Southern States of the U.S. - In Dixie Land I'll take my standto live and die in Dixie.
ADO-HICKY- substitute name. Like the terms whata-ma-call-it or thinga-ma-jig
FALLING OUT- disagreement My sisters had a falling out with me - and forgot to tell me
FEISTY- being frisky She's a feisty little thing.
FIXING TO- about to - I am a fixin' to go to Hardees for supper.
HEY- hello
HOLD YOUR HORSES- (be patient) - goes with next word
HONEY- affectionate term Honey Hold your horses I'll have that gravy out to ya in jest a minute.
LAID UP- ill, hurt, unable to work
MESS-one who carries on, "He's a mess."
MUCH OBLIGED- thank you; hope to return the favor
PIDDLE- waste time, doing nothing
PLAYING POSSUM- playing dead
RECKON- think or supose so.
SHINDIG- dance or celebration - Lets go up town to the friday night shindig.
SMOKEHOUSE- Shed with a dirt floor where pork and other meats is cured, and then smoked.
SORRY- inferior quality, worthless, and lazy
SOUTHERN BELLE- Southern lady
SPRING CHICKEN- young thing
SWEET TALKING THING- has a good line - That Richard Bob - he's just a sweet talkin' thing
TIGHT- stingy with money
WAIT ON- serve or assist
WART-TAKER-one who removes warts by charms or incantations - My aunt was the finest wart taker you would ever want to know.
WHITE LIGHTNING- moonshine whiskey
WORRY-WART- one who is annoying - She's such a worry wart.
YA'LL or Y'ALL (can be spelled both ways)- you all, two or more people

Y'all come back Ya Hear.
That's it for today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Travels

Well here are some photos of my travels in and around Johnson County.

That's it for Today.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eatin' At Hardee's

Well, You meet the nicest people at Hardee's. These are a couple of the finest people and I have known them most of my life. Lois and I went to school together and Joe Mack was in high school at the same time I was....he is a little older ....they are part of the Hardee's Breakfast Club. If you are ever in Mountain City just stop by Hardee's. Not only do you get the best biscuits and gravy on the planet but you never know who you might run into.

Now if y'all are in to dinner or supper Hardee's has a spicy chicken sandwich or fried chicken that looked absolutely delicious.

Here are a few photos of friends eatin' at Hardees.
Brothers Coleman and D.L.

Lois and Her Mom Becky
Ernest and John
Ernest wanted everyone to se his "fancy socks" he bought at the Dollar Store.
Even the help gets to visit with you at Hardee's
-- Here's Heather Ruth and Dare
Paul and Bea with Lois and Joe Mack
Evelyn and Elizabeth
David and his mom Sophia
Margie and Lois
Margaret and Bob
Ron and Linda
My brother Doran, Emogene and Doc
My empty gravy plate!!
And one last picture for the day---isn't this postcard pretty!
That's It For Today

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Golden Day

Well, It was a great day and I traveled many miles---my oldest and dearest friend picked me up and we went to Doe Valley to Hardrock Shoun Road and then we came back to town and to Pizza Palace for lunch. We then went to Rainbow (another settlement) - then thru Slemps Branch to Stouts Branch, thru Neva to Hwy 167 to Doeville and then we got on the big road (it's a two lane) - Hwy 67 to Elizabethton .

From there we went thru Butler to Watauga Lake - now we are in Carter County --to Fish Springs ,Carden's Bluff and Rat Branch on into Hampton. Then we were on the four lane into Elizabethton. That's the closest Wal Mart and we had to stop. We did some shopping and began to meander home.

The leaves are beginning to turn and the sun was shining which made for a very senic drive. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Watauga Dam

Cracker's Neck Neva
Tobacco Field
Covered Bridge at Elizabethton . Built in 1882 it spans 134 foot across the Doe River.
Pea Vine Railroad
Valley Forge Tenessee
Doe Valley Proper
Also Doe Valley - I have walked many a mile along this road.
My beloved Kudzu
Veterans Momument obelisk in Elizabethton. Dedicated to both Union and Confederate Veterans from Carter County.
Carter County Courthouse
And that's it for today.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Johnson County, Where???????

Well, Yesterday was a great day!! It was a kick back kinda day until June got off work.
After breakfast (yes, eating out again) I decided it would be a great library day. Thinking they might have wireless internet there I googled Johnson County Library...and there was live chat. I chatted with the person and asked if they had wireless. She assured me they did. So I packed up my computer and off to the library I went. Only to find when I spoke with the librarian there was no wireless internet and it wasn't her I was speaking with.
She said, "You must have been talking to some one in Johnson County Kansas or Johnson County Texas, we don't have wifi here".
"Oh well, I am here for the day---how about doing some research in your genealogy room?"

Now, that we can do - I will have to unlock it for you and there are no bags allowed in there.

"What about my purse?", I asked.

You can leave it in the office under my desk with your bag. If you need a piece of paper or pencil I can provide you with that.
She led me to an enclosed room in the middle of the building, unlocked the door, turned on the lights and showed me how to work the microfilm machine, if I needed anything more just let her know. With that she locked me in and went back to her desk.

Now, you are probably wondering what I am thinking----my thoughts where if this is heaven this is where I want to be....surrounded by all these history books.

There were books on our county when it was founded, personal family histories and genealogy books. There were census books from 1880 up through 1930 and death abstracts, cemetery records, and anything you could imagine to do with history and genealogy. Not only that, but there were newspapers from the late 1880s through to present day. I was not going to be bored.

Here is a true story I found in one of the books.

There used to be what was called the Pea Vine Railroad which ran from Mountain City to Elizabethton, hauling passengers and supplies between the towns. A couple of old boys from Mountain City decided they would have a ride on the train. They got their tickets, got on the train and set off for the big city. A man came through the rail car selling peanuts, candy and fruit. Since neither had ever seen a banana before they thought they ought to try one so they bought a couple. They watched how the other people peeled them to eat and they did the same. About that time the train went through a tunnel. One boy said to the other, "Have you taken a bite off your banana yet?" "No" says the second boy. "Well, don't," said the first boy, "I just took a bite off mine and went blind as a bat!"

When my sister came to find me about 4 hours later I was still knee deep in the history books.

I turned off the machine turned out the light - locked the door and yesterday is history.

As my father always said "That's it for Today".

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whew!! Just Trying To Catch Up

Well, Retirement is not slow - especially when you are around my sister. It is a world of non stop Go -Go - Go.

And Hardee's that is another story. As you know it is the only place for Wi-Fi and I go there to get my internet fix but sometimes I am too busy visiting with friends and relatives to even get on the internet. Guess I will have to go earlier.

Sorry, I forgot to take any pictures at Hardee's yesterday.......Hi Carol........and Hi Lois.

Carol is one of my faithful blog readers. She is sorta related in an inlaw kinda way. She is married to my brother in laws brother Roby and Roby is related to me on both his mother and his father's side on my mother's side. Got that did you? I better stop right there or I will end up being my own grandpa.

Now my friend, Lois -she is related to me too. Not many people around here that aren't related. When I was growing up Lois lived just up the road from me. I have known her my whole life. We went to church and school together. She was a few (well maybe two - LOL) years older than myself and I always looked up to her as a role model. I still do. It always puts a smile on my face to see her.

Also, got to have coffee with a friend of mine at Burger King. And while we were there another friend just happened to stop by. Had a nice visit there too.

Oh , and then we went to Dry Hill for it was a great country store but my favorite country store is Watson's Grocery.

Watson's is so unique I will have to write it's own blog. So stay tuned for a tour of Watson's Grocery.

And one other tidbit I need to tell y'all:
You know it is a Great Day when you get hugs from the "High Sherriff" and Three Undertakers in the same day.

And "That's it for Today"