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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eatin' At Hardee's

Well, You meet the nicest people at Hardee's. These are a couple of the finest people and I have known them most of my life. Lois and I went to school together and Joe Mack was in high school at the same time I was....he is a little older ....they are part of the Hardee's Breakfast Club. If you are ever in Mountain City just stop by Hardee's. Not only do you get the best biscuits and gravy on the planet but you never know who you might run into.

Now if y'all are in to dinner or supper Hardee's has a spicy chicken sandwich or fried chicken that looked absolutely delicious.

Here are a few photos of friends eatin' at Hardees.
Brothers Coleman and D.L.

Lois and Her Mom Becky
Ernest and John
Ernest wanted everyone to se his "fancy socks" he bought at the Dollar Store.
Even the help gets to visit with you at Hardee's
-- Here's Heather Ruth and Dare
Paul and Bea with Lois and Joe Mack
Evelyn and Elizabeth
David and his mom Sophia
Margie and Lois
Margaret and Bob
Ron and Linda
My brother Doran, Emogene and Doc
My empty gravy plate!!
And one last picture for the day---isn't this postcard pretty!
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Speedy said...

Just how long were you in Hardys???

Joe and Sherri

Leno said...

Lots of fun. Glad you had a chance to see all these fine folks.
My son in laws name is Joe Mack!!