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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hiking The AT (Appalachian Trail)

Well, it has been on my "bucket list" ever since I saw the movie "Bucket List" to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail. Today was the day to cross that one off.

A very blurry pic of me but it proves I was there.
When you are hiking the trail you're supposed to wear hiking boots. Ballet slippers are not the best footwear....especially if you are scared of snakes.

You will see some very tall trees
and some that reach clear to the sky
Rhododendron in bloom

You can even use slippery rocks to cross creeks

and gaze at the beautiful bushes

You may see trees broken by windstorms

and even a sign or two

OOps -- same sign

then there are nice wide straight paths

Always on the lookout for a snake --- it's just a root

Then there are rocks
and ferns in trees

and wooden stairs
and a creek
Rock walls
and fishing holes
Scary bridges to cross

Small paces to walk -- Do snakes really hide in rocks?

Steps that go up
and up and up
Oh NO!!!! It's a SIX FOOT SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!

(well maybe its just a centipede)

Steps that go down down down

Footlogs to cross

and more footlogs to cross

And yet another

and miles and miles to go before I reach Mount Katahdin
Thanks for taking a trip with me on the Appalachian Trail.
That's it for today.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just A Question???????

Why is it ?

That when Black Cows eat

Green Grass on a Green Hill

They Give

White Milk and make

Yellow Butter!!!!!!!!

That's it for today.