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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trippin' In The Out House

Well, I decided it was time to take the Out House out for a little "spin". It was getting a little boring camping in the yard. First stop was to go to Les Schwab to have the air bags checked.
The mechanic there checked them and made sure they had the right amount of air. Aftr that the destination was Coeur d'Alene Casino.

The trip was great and the Out House did just fine. I can hardly wait to take a big road trip in it. I couldn't figure the gas mileage exactly but it seemed to be around 8 miles to the gallon. Not bad for two lane curvy roads with a lot of stop and go.

OOps, forgot to take pics in the afternoon. Having too much fun I guess. This was early morning. There were tons of RVs of every shape color and description. In fact there were so many I could not get them all in one picture. By the way, do you see how tall my pj's make me look early in the morning.

Here is another row of them.
This Allegro caught my eye. Allegroshave been on my mind a lot lately. Wonder why?

This was an Allegro Bus with four slides. I took a picture from the back and as I walked around front to get one of the front. All of a sudden the awning starts moving. Someone inside was putting out the awning. No wonder they had those cones set up.....

Here's the awning.
Even the Harley's got free overnight parking.
And the Out House looked pretty good too!!
Here is the small, medium (OH) and large. Fits right in -- don'tcha think.

I love to see the American flag flying. Nice garden at the casino entrance.
Coeur d'Alene Casino Worley, ID.
Deb, This sign is for you!!!! Welcome to Washington!! There was no place to stop here either.

A couple scenery pictures.

28 blocks from home----A successful first trip and many more to come!!

"That's it For Today".

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Diggin' Up Bones

Well, Family History has always played a large part in my life. I remember my grandmother walking around the yard with me and telling about her grandparents who came "across the big water" to the United States. My grandfather often related to me a story about his grandfather whom he never met. His grandfather, Jordan C.Henson fought in the Civil War. He was captured and locked in an outbuilding and the building set on fire. He was never heard from again. Every time my grandfather told the story I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a Grandfather.
We used to walk down this gravel road to the Wilson cemetery where our relatives were buried. Oh, I wish I could remember all the stories they told.

This is a view of the cemetery facing the main road Highway 67. The small white building is the country store we used to go to for groceries, gas or just plain gathering with the neighbors. The hill across the road in front of the store is owned by my brother.

This is the road I was born on. It used to be called Old Shupetown Road. Today it is renamed Pleasant Valley Rd. If you look diagonally above the barn with the red roof you will see the house I was born in.

This is the tombstone of my Great Grandfather Joseph Harrison Swift. He was born 8/3/1854 and died 6/19/ 1905.

My Great Grandmother was born 4/1/11855 and died January 11,1951.
My Great Great Grandmother, wife of Jordan C. Henson, was born 9/4/1833 and died 3/4/1886.

Thanks for visiting my family cemetery with me.
And there you have it, "That's it For Today!"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Out House or outhouse

Well, I finally made it to Friday!!!! Looking forward to a three day week end spent in the Out House!! Now some people may think it funny when I say I want to spend the weekend in the Out House. Here's the story!!

According to my RV friends when you buy an RV you need a nickname for it. Ellie and Jim's is "The Castle". Mark and Dortha's brand new 40 QTH Phaeton is "The Palace". Speedy and Sheri's is "The Porch".

So I decided to call my NTM RV "The Out House"(not to be confused with outhouse). There is a big difference!! It is the Out House (2 words) because it is Out Side. My other house is inside so it is the In House.

outhouses (one word) usually have a wooden door with some type of moon or something on it so you can tell it from the rest of the outbuildings. The crescent moon cutout and the star cutout on the door of many outhouses goes back to Colonial times. In a time when few people could read, the crescent moon was the symbol for women while the star cutout was for men.

My Out House has an awning.
And before you tell me "It's crooked" - I intended it to be that way. If it rains the rain will not puddle up and sag the awning. It will run off to the one side. I ruined one awning because I thought it had to be perfectly staight.

Three days eating and sleeping in the Out House will give me a feel for full time RVing. Heck, I may even move it out of the yard.

That's it For Today!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will this week ever end??

Well, again it has been a slow grueling week. Why does it seem the work week lasts forever and the weekends go by way too fast. I am looking forward to this weekend - it is a three day'er. Love those mini vacations. With the price of gas, boondocking at Walmart is looking mighty good. That would be a change of scenery.

The weather is changing. It has become dark in the mornings and real cool too. The temperature this morning is 50 degrees. I believe fall is upon us.

I have no pics for today and none of my own words of wisdom so I am borrowing some from somewhere else.

I am open to Spirit, and my life is unfolding in divine order.
By following my intuition instead of a map while taking a day trip, I can discover delightful surprises and unexpected pleasures. As I travel unfamiliar roads, new sights await me. I may find a unique store, come across a scenic vista, or learn that the road I am on is a shortcut to a favorite location.
When I let the day unfold before me without adhering to a strict schedule, I am blessed with joys I may have otherwise missed. My life unfolds like a serendipitous road trip. As I trust Spirit to guide me through each moment, I find an order and rightness to events and circumstances that I could not have planned. Minutes and hours pass unnoticed as I accomplish all that I need to do. At the end of the day, I give thanks that everything fits perfectly in this divine-order day.

As always, in the words of my Father, "That's it For Today".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

license plate pics

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun Time!!

Well, yesterday I promised I would have a story and pictures for you about my meeting with Deb and Rod. But at 3 AM this old pea brain of mine ain't functioning too well. So for those of you daytime readers here is my favorite pic from yesterday and I will finish when the fuzziness has cleared up.

Check back later for more pics!! and the rest of the story!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Of Blogs and Friends and Many Things

Will She? Or Won't She ?? Recognize Me?

Well, it is going to be a great Sunday!!! As everyone knows I am an avid reader of many blogs. At last count (this morning) I have over one hundred fifty in my favorites - some I read every day - some I read most days - some I catch up on sporadically - some I read once in awhile - and some I seldom read but when I do I like to go back and catch up on what I have missed.

My friends that come to chat and those I have met are usually the ones I keep up with, however, there are those i.e. Doug and Joann, Gordon and Juanita, Tioga George, Larry and LeAnn (Hi Guys!) Wishnies, Ed and Marilyn Darrell (Pa) and Judy and others that I keep up with everyday. Which brings me to now.

I met Deb (and Rod) through the chat room. When you talk to someone every night or at least every night or two you get to know a little about them and you feel like you have already met them when in real life you have never set eyes on them. That will happen today. They sold their house in Florida and have been traveling across the USA to their first workcamping job in Washington. They have been in Yellowstone for a month or so. They will be stopping in Spokane tonight so today is the day we meet face to face. I am so excited. I can't wait. I promise pictures tomorrow. I promised not to bring my family entourage, my animals, and to make myself presentable for the meeting. OK!! quit laughing! I DO clean up pretty good for an "old" hillbilly.

For now, I have to go down to the creek for the weekly bath, overalls and all!!
Stay tuned to find out if I had a successful meeting.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just The News

Well, after a couple weeks vacation I was told I needed to post some news whether I had any or not. So here is the news.

The Weather: Here is how the weather has been the last week. Extreme hot to freezing cold!!

Saturday 16 High was 98

Sunday 17 High was 103

Monday 18 High was 95

Tuesday 19 High was 75

Wednesday 20 High was 72

Thursday 21 High was 69

Friday 22 High was 73 and the low was 44 - Now that is getting pretty close to freezing!

This morning at 8 AM the temp is 57. Forecast is for warmer temps. Tomorrows forecast is 86 and partly cloudy. We will see how good the weatherman is on that one.

Went to work all week - not much going on at work either!! I have a new boss - the new boss is a lot different than the old one. I really liked the old one - he kept you motivated. The new one - well let's just say she is more interested in looking in the mirror.

Extracuriccular Activities

After work each day I had to have my nacho or taco or whatever it is you call it - could even be quesadilla????

Ahhhh another memory lapse --- I remember now --- its a Siesta!!!

Dinner this week was "cleaning out the fridge week" meaning whatever was in there is what I ate. Amazing how good bologna sandwiches taste the third night .

I believe the computer problems are all ironed out now. If not I will have to get a bigger hammer.
and now My mail box is empty -- can you help fill it up??

And that's it for another exciting week.

aug 20

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday's Everywhere!!

Well, everywhere I turn am missing someone's birthday. My friend Penny (from TX) celebrated her birthday a couple days ago. Happy Belated Birthday Penny!!!! Since I didn't have a photo of Penny I posted one of the Queen of England.

And my friend Mark is celebrating with a Big Birthday on the 19th!! Happy Birthday Mark and many many more!!!

That's it for today!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Misteak or Mistake

Well, It is Sunday and a kicked back low key day.....I didn't even make it to Walmart. There are those days when you just don't want to do much. I did manage to get the laundry done and make a pot of soup. Now I will have lunch all week.

It was pointed out that I made a couple misteaks in one of my past blogs. Well I have always been one to own up to my mistakes. Sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain and I do tend to miss a letter or two here and there. Believe me it is not intentional. Most people can read between the lines.

I learned to read, write and spell when I was age three or four. I started school when I was five. I was far ahead of my classmates in the first grade after three days my teacher promoted me to the second grade. Every Friday afternoon we would have what was called a "spell down". The idea was to spell better than your classmates and the only one left got the weekly prize. Our room was the first thru fourth grades. All the kids would line up on stage and take turns at spelling. Of you missed you sat down. More times than one I went home with the weekly prize after I had "spell down" all the fourth graders. When you are spelling against fourth graders you don't have any short words.

I learned to spell Mississippi by M - I crooked letter, crooked letter- I - crooked letter, crooked letter - I - humpback humpback - I-. I learned to spell Geography by
reciting George Elliott's Oldest Girl Rode A Pig Home Yesterday and Arithmetic by A Rat In Tom's House Might Eat Tom's Ice Cream. You don't catch today's kids learning to spell like that.

This brings to mind another question. So what exactly is the longest word in the world? I did a little research and this is what I found. It all depends on your point of view, but here goes:

Officially the longest word is 'floccinaucinihilipilification' at 29 characters, meaning 'the act of estimating as worthless'.

Then there's 'antidisestablishmentarianism' at 28 letters, meaning 'opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England'. It is often considered the longest word as it has an actual meaning instead of being created just to be long. It seems to have occured to no one that a possible adverb formed from this word would be antidisestablishmentarianistically (34 letters). In any case the plural of it would be 29 letters long, making it just as long as the next word.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (34 letters) was made famous by the Walt Disney movie 'Mary Poppins' (1964), though it has been recorded earlier, going way back to the 1940s. Once again a joke word, it first appeared in comedy songs, of which the humour was supplied by the ridiculousness of the word. Nowadays it is used (also in a shortened version supercalifragilistic) to mean 'amazingly excellent', etc.

Unofficially the longest word is 'pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' at 45 characters, meaning 'a lung disease'. It was created solely for the purpose of being the longest word, however, it does appear in a few dictionaries.

There will be a spelliing contest tomorrow - stay tuned.

Today I blame my spelling misteaks on my old age... senior moments or whatever happens to pop into my head at the moment.

I sertinly hope they's no misteaks in ths hear bloggg.

That's it for Today!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kids Night Out

Well, the kids were excited about spending the night at Grandma's Place Campground nestled between the two big pine trees in the back yard. Their accomodations were the Eleventy Foot RV.

Right away Lauralei claimed the closet as her bedroom.
While Kimberlei decided the couch looked comfy.
Grandma made sure there was plenty of "Beer in the Bathtub" Root Beer of course.

Kimberlei had her turn in the driver's seat.

While Lauralei pretended to be Grandma driving down the road.

They were both fascinated with the OOGA OOGA horns as well as the CB Radio (forgot to get picture of CB radio)
Dinner was catered by Grandma's Pizzeria Catering Service. Cooked by Grandma herself and delivered right to the door of your RV. The pizzas were delicious - nothing to take a picture of - only crumbs were left. A little ice cream for dessert and some fun in the chat room and we were ready for popcorn.

This is Grandma's stove. It has cooked lots of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Very easy to use and it folds up into its on carrying case.

It makes great popcorn.

You get silly when you eat Grandma's popcorn.
Never try catching popcorn in your mouth with Grandma she always misses and look what a mess she makes.

Guess who had to pick up all the popcorn on the ground? It wasn't Grandma!!!!!
And in the words of Roy Holloway, "That's it For Today".

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oregon Camping Trip

Well, there is still not much going on here and it is another day in the middle of the week. Looking forward to the weekend. The "Grand Girls" will be spending their first night in The always I know it will be a good time.
Speaking of grandkids, here are some pictures from another great camping experience at the Oregon Coast.

And in the words of my Father "That's It For Today"!