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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Of Blogs and Friends and Many Things

Will She? Or Won't She ?? Recognize Me?

Well, it is going to be a great Sunday!!! As everyone knows I am an avid reader of many blogs. At last count (this morning) I have over one hundred fifty in my favorites - some I read every day - some I read most days - some I catch up on sporadically - some I read once in awhile - and some I seldom read but when I do I like to go back and catch up on what I have missed.

My friends that come to chat and those I have met are usually the ones I keep up with, however, there are those i.e. Doug and Joann, Gordon and Juanita, Tioga George, Larry and LeAnn (Hi Guys!) Wishnies, Ed and Marilyn Darrell (Pa) and Judy and others that I keep up with everyday. Which brings me to now.

I met Deb (and Rod) through the chat room. When you talk to someone every night or at least every night or two you get to know a little about them and you feel like you have already met them when in real life you have never set eyes on them. That will happen today. They sold their house in Florida and have been traveling across the USA to their first workcamping job in Washington. They have been in Yellowstone for a month or so. They will be stopping in Spokane tonight so today is the day we meet face to face. I am so excited. I can't wait. I promise pictures tomorrow. I promised not to bring my family entourage, my animals, and to make myself presentable for the meeting. OK!! quit laughing! I DO clean up pretty good for an "old" hillbilly.

For now, I have to go down to the creek for the weekly bath, overalls and all!!
Stay tuned to find out if I had a successful meeting.


Leno said...

You are just too funny Jenny... You will have so much fun meeting up today. Will be thinking of you. Hope to see you in chat tonight so you can tell us all about it.

Tumbleweed Dee said...

That's fabulous Jenny! It will be just like going to the RV-Dreams rally meeting some more of the family.

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

I'll bet you clean up reeeal well, Jenny! LOL

Hope you guys have a good time!

Gordon Pierce said...

Jenny J.

You honor us by reading our daily ramblings from the road!

Your blog has been on our "quiet lurk" list for some time and usually follows Ed and Marilyn Dray each and every morning during breakfast. They are dear friends who will be our direct neighbors for four months in Mercedes, TX, this winter. :)

Traveling journalists and bloggers are very special people and we have met many along the way...we hope to add you to that list one of these days.

Stay well...and safe travels,

Your cyber friends now in Valdez, Alaska...

Gordon and Juanita