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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Diggin' Up Bones

Well, Family History has always played a large part in my life. I remember my grandmother walking around the yard with me and telling about her grandparents who came "across the big water" to the United States. My grandfather often related to me a story about his grandfather whom he never met. His grandfather, Jordan C.Henson fought in the Civil War. He was captured and locked in an outbuilding and the building set on fire. He was never heard from again. Every time my grandfather told the story I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a Grandfather.
We used to walk down this gravel road to the Wilson cemetery where our relatives were buried. Oh, I wish I could remember all the stories they told.

This is a view of the cemetery facing the main road Highway 67. The small white building is the country store we used to go to for groceries, gas or just plain gathering with the neighbors. The hill across the road in front of the store is owned by my brother.

This is the road I was born on. It used to be called Old Shupetown Road. Today it is renamed Pleasant Valley Rd. If you look diagonally above the barn with the red roof you will see the house I was born in.

This is the tombstone of my Great Grandfather Joseph Harrison Swift. He was born 8/3/1854 and died 6/19/ 1905.

My Great Grandmother was born 4/1/11855 and died January 11,1951.
My Great Great Grandmother, wife of Jordan C. Henson, was born 9/4/1833 and died 3/4/1886.

Thanks for visiting my family cemetery with me.
And there you have it, "That's it For Today!"

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Debbie and Rod said...

I absolutely LOVED all the photos Jenny and thanks for the Washington sign! The only one we saw was in the median.