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Friday, August 29, 2008

Out House or outhouse

Well, I finally made it to Friday!!!! Looking forward to a three day week end spent in the Out House!! Now some people may think it funny when I say I want to spend the weekend in the Out House. Here's the story!!

According to my RV friends when you buy an RV you need a nickname for it. Ellie and Jim's is "The Castle". Mark and Dortha's brand new 40 QTH Phaeton is "The Palace". Speedy and Sheri's is "The Porch".

So I decided to call my NTM RV "The Out House"(not to be confused with outhouse). There is a big difference!! It is the Out House (2 words) because it is Out Side. My other house is inside so it is the In House.

outhouses (one word) usually have a wooden door with some type of moon or something on it so you can tell it from the rest of the outbuildings. The crescent moon cutout and the star cutout on the door of many outhouses goes back to Colonial times. In a time when few people could read, the crescent moon was the symbol for women while the star cutout was for men.

My Out House has an awning.
And before you tell me "It's crooked" - I intended it to be that way. If it rains the rain will not puddle up and sag the awning. It will run off to the one side. I ruined one awning because I thought it had to be perfectly staight.

Three days eating and sleeping in the Out House will give me a feel for full time RVing. Heck, I may even move it out of the yard.

That's it For Today!!

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Tumbleweed Dee said...

I did not know about the "star" and the "moon" on the outhouses. We had an outhouse with nothing on it. Guess that meant it's for both male and female. Great picture of the Out House.