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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will this week ever end??

Well, again it has been a slow grueling week. Why does it seem the work week lasts forever and the weekends go by way too fast. I am looking forward to this weekend - it is a three day'er. Love those mini vacations. With the price of gas, boondocking at Walmart is looking mighty good. That would be a change of scenery.

The weather is changing. It has become dark in the mornings and real cool too. The temperature this morning is 50 degrees. I believe fall is upon us.

I have no pics for today and none of my own words of wisdom so I am borrowing some from somewhere else.

I am open to Spirit, and my life is unfolding in divine order.
By following my intuition instead of a map while taking a day trip, I can discover delightful surprises and unexpected pleasures. As I travel unfamiliar roads, new sights await me. I may find a unique store, come across a scenic vista, or learn that the road I am on is a shortcut to a favorite location.
When I let the day unfold before me without adhering to a strict schedule, I am blessed with joys I may have otherwise missed. My life unfolds like a serendipitous road trip. As I trust Spirit to guide me through each moment, I find an order and rightness to events and circumstances that I could not have planned. Minutes and hours pass unnoticed as I accomplish all that I need to do. At the end of the day, I give thanks that everything fits perfectly in this divine-order day.

As always, in the words of my Father, "That's it For Today".


Anonymous said...

J J,
glad we found each others blogs. Todays post, with it's exceptional words runs me through the emotional ringer of travel... yet again. Peaks and valleys, as I'm sure you know.
wouldn't trade it for "normal" anytime soon, tho.
new reader, mark

Speedy said...

Cool you have brought my spirits up from the depths. I feel so much better after reading your word. Thanks for the inspiration