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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just The News

Well, after a couple weeks vacation I was told I needed to post some news whether I had any or not. So here is the news.

The Weather: Here is how the weather has been the last week. Extreme hot to freezing cold!!

Saturday 16 High was 98

Sunday 17 High was 103

Monday 18 High was 95

Tuesday 19 High was 75

Wednesday 20 High was 72

Thursday 21 High was 69

Friday 22 High was 73 and the low was 44 - Now that is getting pretty close to freezing!

This morning at 8 AM the temp is 57. Forecast is for warmer temps. Tomorrows forecast is 86 and partly cloudy. We will see how good the weatherman is on that one.

Went to work all week - not much going on at work either!! I have a new boss - the new boss is a lot different than the old one. I really liked the old one - he kept you motivated. The new one - well let's just say she is more interested in looking in the mirror.

Extracuriccular Activities

After work each day I had to have my nacho or taco or whatever it is you call it - could even be quesadilla????

Ahhhh another memory lapse --- I remember now --- its a Siesta!!!

Dinner this week was "cleaning out the fridge week" meaning whatever was in there is what I ate. Amazing how good bologna sandwiches taste the third night .

I believe the computer problems are all ironed out now. If not I will have to get a bigger hammer.
and now My mail box is empty -- can you help fill it up??

And that's it for another exciting week.


Speedy said...

Well that was interesting. I am so glad you still have your sense of humor. We love hearing from you. By the way I have some pictures of Hurman that I will put on my journal tonight.

Joe and Sherri

Tumbleweed Dee said...

Now THAT'S our Jenny!!! Thanks for the giggle

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

The siesta part looks good !!
Happy Trails, Penny, TX