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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's About Time!

Well, before you say it just let me say it "It's About Time" that I posted a new blog. These days time has a way of getting away from you and it sure flies when you're having fun.

It seems only yesterday that I wrote--that was waaaaay back in August. Now September has come and gone and also October. We have celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is fast approaching.

You ask me what we have been doing?? We have been having lots of fun. Here's some snippets of what has been going on.

We spent our honeymoon in a new neighborhood - Goshen Indiana - with lots and lots of friends and a few relatives. 794 RVs and 2000 Rvers. The "shivaree" to the Amish Country was the greatest - Thanks to all of you. We'll see you in Gillette!!

We watched the kudzu grow! That stuff will cover your entire car in three days.

Had a great visit with the Wishnies and Boo Boo. We enjoyed a family Breakfast at Hardee's (where else) a great way for Jo and Fred to meet my entire family!

Walked the Appalachian Trail Hampton TN to Damascus VA with Jo and Fred - well we did slack a little.

We all enjoyed Backbone Rock

A couple of friends talking over their lawnmowers

I learned to make straight lines with my lawnmower -even in the barnyard

We enjoyed a visit from my sister
And a 1965 class reunion - NO I didn't graduate in 1965!!!!
Watched the Longhorns have a losing season
but was especially proud to see a "Future Longhorn" Carter you've stolen my heart!!

Chased an old car up the Shady Mountain - never did catch up to it!!
Spent time with family
visited some cemeteries
Stacked some wood
Enjoyed the view from my favorite mountain
got up close and personal with an old fence post

and shared a wonderful view on the Gorge

Went shopping -- it's Retail Therapy!!

Voted for and elected my favorite politician Scotty Campbell to the Republican House of Representatives --Way to go Scotty!! Now about all these taxes.......

And if this wasn't busy enough we even found the time to go to Carthage TN to spend some time with some of our favorite friends---I will save that for another blog here real soon until then you will find us "making the most of the rest of our life".
That's it for today!