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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Tawnee

Well, there will be no pictures today. For some reason the pictures I wanted to upload have decided they have a mind of their own and do not want to be moved. Sorry 'bout that.

First off I want to wish my baby daughter, Tawnee, a very Happy Birthday. It is her 39th and she is a lot older than her mother. Her mother is only 24. You might ask how that happened. Here is the story.

From the time I turned 21 (in real life) I was always 21. When I would have my birthday and the kids would ask "How old are you Mom?" My reply was always "21"

Tawnee was born two years after I turned 21. She had heard the "21" story many times. I would say she was probably about ten. I had been "21" for about twelve years. It was right after my birthday. We were driving down the street when she asked if she could see my wallet. Thinking she probably wanted to count my money to see if we could have fast food or something. I told her it was in my purse "go ahead and get it". She pulled it out and looked thru it and then told me. "Mom, you're not "21" you are 33. You were born in 1946". Well, the cat was out of the bag. Now they knew my true age. Even though I continued to try and convince everyone I was "21".

This went on until the twins, Lauralei and Kimberlei were born in 1995. At that time I aged 2 years so I could share their birthday with them. Now I was "23". When Matt was born in 1998 I aged one more year so I could share his birthday and thats gets me to my present age of "24". Looks like I will be here for awhile.

Have a very Happy 39th Tawnee. I will add another year when you turn 50.

On another note, this is for my friend Deb. She is in Southern Idaho and Yellowstone and has been looking for wildlife but unable to find any. I was going to upload pics here but blogger is being unmanageable. Maybe tomorrow!!

That's it for today!


Speedy said...

Well that makes me one year younger than you...So there. I feel young that should count for something???


Debbie and Rod said...

See?? You don't have any wildlife either.