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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home Again!!!

Well, I am finally home...5200 miles plus since I left on June 8...and do I have stories to tell. First off, let me say that the trip home on Greyhound was the worst nightmare of my life.

Going from Johnson City to Nashville and then a five hour layover wasn't bad. Going from Nashville to Louisville and Indianappolis was a piece of cake. From Indiannapolis to Chicago was okay. We were only one hour late getting to Chicago and the bus was crowded -- I had a six hour layover in Chicago so that made it only five.

Getting out of Chicago was when the nightmare started. We were scheduled to leave at 10 PM and we didn't leave until 11:30 pm. So we were behind right from the gitgo. Now we had stops to drop off a couple people and pick up one or two. Most of the people on the bus were going to Montana and points beyond so it looked like it would be a pretty full bus all the way. In Minneapolis we had no extra seats and we left late (once again). By the time we got to Fargo ND a few people were waiting to join us and we had 58 people on a 53 seat bus. People were sitting in the aisles, on the steps, luggage was in the aisles and we were crammed in like sardines with no room for oil. At one point one person got off and three got on. We also left twelve people at one stop . They would have to wait another 12 hours for the next bus. I had to hold my carry ons on my lap the whole way. That made for some great sleeping - lol. I also have bruises on insides of my legs from the carry ons. I would take pictures but I don't think Greyhound would appreciate them.

We arrived in Billings MT 3 hours late - at which point they ( the powers at Greyhound) decided since there were 23 people waiting to board the bus and no seats we might just need another bus. Well that delayed us even more, it was apparent people were going to miss connections, however, when we got to Butte the bus going south was waiting for us. It was loaded and ready to leave and did so in a matter of just a few minutes after we arrived. So the people did make their connections.

From Billings they did try to make up time, the driver was a smoker and gave us a five minute smoke break which turned into a forty five minute one. Delaying us further.

I was glad to start seeing familiar places such as Missoula, St Regis - where we had a driver change and another 30 minute delay and I lost $5 in the slots. I knew the Idaho border was not too far away. We passed the $10,000 Silver Dollar Bar in Haugan and the Mountains suddenly became taller. I did get one picture of a state sign - Welcome To Idaho. Finally I was home.

We pulled into Spokane at 3:05PM - a little later than our scheduled arrival at 11:00 AM and another miracle happened. Now I had not seen my checked baggage since I got on in Johnson City TN. Well, lo and behold, both pieces of my luggage arrived on time - well on time for Greyhound. I was happy - my belongings were here, I was here - all is right in my world.

Before I end this post I do want to wish a very Happy Birthday to the father of my children ,Dick Johnson. Dick turns 62 today. He is a lot older than I. Many happy returns Dick!!

and in the words of my father "That's it for Today".


Bonnie said...

Looks like you had rough ride. Glad you made it home,ok. Bonnie

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Welcome home, Jenny. You've sure had some good times and some bad times on this trip! Glad you're back safe and sound! Missed you on chat.

Debbie and Rod said...

Glad you made it home, Jenny. I bet your own bed really felt good.