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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Have Arrived!! Part 1

Well, as of 6/10/2008 at 8:30 AM I became an official resident of ABC Campground for the next five days. Today I will give you a short (well almost) synopsis of the trip. As you know I traveled on the big gray dog (Greyhound) to Branson MO for the first annual RV Dreams RV Rally. What I had intended to do was take pictures of each state line I went through -here is how it went.

WASHINGTON My departure from Spokane was uneventful. The bus was on time and we left right on schedule. It was very crowded there were very few seats. There were two drivers, one driving and one going to Missoula MT to pick up another bus. The drive thru Washington to Coeur d'Alene was old hat and a time for getting settled. Getting out my pillow and blanket and my map (s0 I would know where I was). Forgot to take the picture of Idaho State Line.

IDAHO About ten miles out of Coeur d'Alene I started feeling sleepy. I closed my eyes for just a minute ZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! Out like a light - I woke up about the time we were getting ready to exit the freeway into St Regis Montana, our first stop. Slept right thru taking picture of Montan State line.

MONTANA We had a meal break and driver change of thirty minutes there after which we got back on the bus and prepared to depart. When the driver went to start the bus it wouldn't start. He did a bunch of checking still no action. He called Greyhound and they sent out a mechanic. In the meantime, another Greyhound bus pulled in traveling west. Just as he stopped his bus, an air line on it broke and he could not move the bus. Now we have 2 broken down buses , about 100 travelers, 5 bus drivers and 3 mechanics. It was quite a sight!! After about an hour they called the owner of the shop, he came and quickly determined it was a relay switch, by passsed it and told the driver not to shut of the bus til he got where he was going. It's a long way to New York. We were on our way one hour and half later.

The rest of the day and part of the night across Montana was very pretty and a nice ride. I might mention since we were way behind schedule they were trying to make up some time and open spaces in Montana was a good way to do that. We arrived in Billings only thirty minutes late.

I had a couple naps, read, listened to some bluegrass on my cd and my MP3 and chatting on my cell phone when I could get service. Out of Billings we had two drivers again - one that had been on days off and was riding to get to her route from Miles City MT to Fargo ND. Our driver, Cindy, was probably one of the nicest drivers I have ever met. She made sure we were comfortable and that we had stops to rest our legs. At one point she gave a passenger her own personal pillow so they could take a nap. If all drivers were as personable as Cindy - Greyhound would be as rich as the oil companies. On to North Dakota-no picture of that state line either. It was the middle of the night and I believe I was taking a nap.

NORTH DAKOTA We traveled thru most of North Dakota in the dark, Cindy kept pointing out sites of interest such as Pompeys Pillar and the interesting story behind it. I will do a whole post on that later.She also pointed out sites like a herd of buffalo, deer alongside the road, an eagles nest in a tree in a busy downtown park. We arrived in Fargo one minute early. Great Job Cindy!!!!
We left Fargo ND on time and crossed the Red River into Minnesota. Again, I missed it - I did not realize the river is the dividing line. Just another tidbit of information my pea brain has failed to remember.

MINNESOTA We traveled to Minneapolis, were there on time. I had to change buses to Jefferson Lines. Again, it was just finding the right bus, getting on and riding. It took forever to get out of Minneapolis, but eventually it happened. I don't know how we ended up being an hour and half late but by the time we crossed into Iowa and on to Des Moines we were two hours late. We did have one incident - a lady on the bus was having an asthma attack and we had to pull the bus off the freeway in Ottawana MN and call the paramedics. That was part of the delay.

IOWA All I can say about Iowa is it was wet, very wet. There was flooding in the area around Mason City. Ther was water standing everywhere. In Des Moines we picked up another driver who was another one of those great drivers. He knew people would miss connection because we were so late and the bus was filled to capacity. He never lost his cool. He put that bus on the freeway and the pedal to the metal and we did not encounter any problems and made it into Missouri - late but in one piece

MISSOURI In Missouri the sencery began to change from flat to hilly and more trees. We arrived in Kansas City late but were able to make connections. Getting out of Kansas City was a different story. And the people - there were thousands of them. The right hand did not know what the left was doing but eventually we made it and the same bus driver took us into Joplin MO. What was to have been a two and half hour layover tuned into about 20 minutes. Joplin to Springfield was exciting. Maybe I was just excited knowing Springfield was my last stop before Branson. We arrived in Springfield one half hour late. My luggage was there and my world was happy and just about to get happier.

Bob and Molly (whom I had never met) had volunteered to pick me up and drive me to Branson. What a nice couple!!! Thank you ever so much for your generosity!! I certainly do appreciate it. They brought me right to my cabin, helped me check in and delivered my bags to my door.

So that was my trip!! Despite the setbacks it was enjoyable. And the excitement is just beginning - the next five days will be jampacked with fun - meeting new people etc. I can't wait.

On another note, I have to wish my "favorite" sister in law a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Emogene. "39" again - and you look so young!!!!

Well this is half my post - part two will have the pictures - till then
In the words of my Father, "That's it for Today".


Bob and Molly said...

JJ, you are a "jewel" and we're so priviledged to know you!!
Glad you made it to Rally to share the fun!

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Great account of your trip, Jenny. Thanks!

Bob & Molly are great, aren't they?