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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Canning Pork

Well, First things first. I want to wish my friends Speedy and Sherri a very Happy Anniversary.

I will follow that wish with a wish for better weather. I wish this weather would straighten itself out. It has warmed up a little bit. In the low thirties but that's not enough for me. We did see the sun for a few brief minutes but then it disappeared again. I guess that is proof that the sun does not like the cold weather.

My home town of Mountain City in Tennessee is experiencing bad weather also. They are predicting 7-9 inches of snow there overnight. Because it is way back in the mountains they usually get snow every winter. Sometimes they get more than we do.

I called my friend Jean in Tennessee and asked what she was doing. She was canning pork. I remember when we were kids and it was Hog Killin' Day it would be a very long day because all the pork would be processed before we went to bed and sometimes it was after 10 PM before we were through.She said she had 14 quarts ready for the pressure cooker. Now that's a lot of pork.

When I asked her how she processed it she told me to take a pork shoulder and cut it up in about 2 inch squares, pack it loosley in a quart jar and add one teaspoon of salt and put a sterilized lid on it. Put your jars in the pressure cooker and process at 10 pounds pressure for one hour. Let it cool and then remove from pressure cooker. After your jars are completely cool you take them to the can house.

When you are hungry for pork or when company's comin' you just grab a jar of pork, heat it up and make some gravy, with mashed potatoes, green beans and cornbread, slathered (REK) with butter and you have a meal fit for a king or a queen. Man, I wish I was close enough for supper tonight.

With that, I am off to find a big ole' pork shoulder somewhere. I am starving to death!!

That's it for today.


Anonymous said...

LOL.... I see you used that word again. Keep it up girl

Speedy said...

Well what can I have made me so proud to be your friend. Sherri and I miss you and hope to see you soon. Thanks for the write-up.

Joe and Sherri