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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Part 2 Duffy's Country Store

Well, yesterday we started our tour of Duffy's Country Store ran by the Owner Mr. Duffy. This is one of the most authentic Amish stores in the area. They offer organic meats and cheese, dried fruit, candies fro Hershey PA, local jams, jellies and fresh produce. They can also do mail order. Come along as we finish our tour. (As always click on photo for larger size)

The deli cases hold meats and cheese and can be sliced to your liking.

Mrs. Duffy displays her skills at slicing. I am not going to tell you what happened to the slice but it made a great snack.

The shelves are stocked with lots of healthy food.

The referigerators hold lots of different varieties of meats, sausages, and cheese.

Mr. Duffy chats with a customer

He carries both sorghum and mollasses----there is a difference you know.

More products than you can imagine.

And local stone ground cornmeal from Linney's Water Mill, Union Grove, NC.

Pappy's Sassafrass tea and old fashioned stick candy. I am particularly fond of the Horehound.

You can even find a couple of whimsical items. I loved this old picture but was told it wasn't for sale. Check out the gourds in the front window.

Ms. Duffy shows off the flour. I am sure that's "Virginia Rose" isn't it. Note: That's how I got my name from a sack of flour like that. Mr. Duffy waits on a customer. There's even a deacon's bench outside for settin' and visitin'
Now, that you have had the tour you owe it to yourself to stop by Duffy's Country Store when you're in the area. Mr and Ms Duffy are the finest people you would ever want to meet. Tell 'em Jenny sent ya.

That's it for today.


Gypsy said...

Duffy's sounds like my kind of place! All the pictures came through today - great pictures.


Leno said...

Thanks once again Jenny. I love country stores. Its amazing how much they can fit into the store!

FD5, Retired said...

On the places to go list for Bristol, Thanks.

Stay Safe
John and Bridget

Speedy said...

I could spend some time in a store like that.

Joe and Sherri

Debbie and Rod said...

So, what's the difference between sorghum and mollasses?


Gordon Pierce said...

Jenny J,

Thanks for completing the wonderful tour of Duffy's. We'll certainly have to put the store on our "Bucket List".

Gordon and Juanita

Sassy said...

I really enjoyed the tour, thanks for doing it! Sounds like a great place to visit!

Adrienne Kristine said...

Looks like just the place to shop. Plenty of items for the vegetarian too.