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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Old Reciepts

This will be a two part post. The reciepts (recipes) will be typed in a readable format in another post. As always to enlarge the photo just click on it.

I have been thinking about my grandmother and what a good cook she was. Whenever I ask anyone what they remember most about my grandmother they always remark what a “Great Cook” she was. She never used a recipe, she had all these recipes committed to memory. I know we had an old cookbook but she never used it.

In the summertime we had plenty of fresh vegetables from the garden and lots of fresh fruit in season so we had lots of variety. In the wintertime we had few fresh vegetables but she always made a variety of meals. She cooked three full meals a day and everything she put on the table was homemade.

Beans and potatoes were staples of almost any meal. Potatoes were mashed, fried, souped, or creamed and beans were either green, pickled, leather britches, or soup beans. Sometimes we had meat and sometimes we didn’t.

She always baked fresh bread for every meal. For breakfast it was always homemade biscuits right out of the oven. She always buttered my biscuits for me . Oh those biscuits were good. For Dinner and Supper she always baked a fresh pone of cornbread for each meal. She always used the same iron skillet and she never washed it. She just wiped the crumbs out of it and set it back on the stove.

A friend of mine recently acquired some heirlooms from a relative. One of these items was a cookbook chocked full of handwritten recipes. These recipes had been traded friend to friend and passed down through generations. She sent me a few and what a great time I had going through them. It was evident these receipts had been used quite often and had yellowed with age. They were all handwritten. One was even written on a notepad from a previous sheriff.

One of the receipts was from a lady I knew called Texie. Texie was an excellent cook and every time there was a school function or party she would make the most delicious peanut butter fudge. My mouth waters now just thinking about it.

I will add these recipes to my collection of “tried and true” recipes and memories that will last forever.

Stay tuned for part two. That's it for Today!


Leno said...

Jenny I get hungry reading these posts....

Anonymous said...

I recently finished typing a bunch of recipes for my aunt's Mom. She has alzheimers and I spent several days with her telling me what the recipes were. She forgot a lot of ingredients and steps, but it is the sweetest cookbook I've ever seen. I made copies of it and spiral-bound it for her children. They are thrilled with it. My favorite recipe was for chicken and dumplings...she said...Cook that big fat hen til she's done! I love it!

Speedy said...

Cool the look!

Debbie and Rod said...

Leather britches??