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Friday, April 3, 2009

Tri State

Well, The weather around here is not changing much, we had more snow today. It snows in the morning and by afternoon it is melted. It makes for some tricky driving. Yesterday the Highway patrol responded to more than 30 accidents on the freeway. Snoqualmie Pass was closed again in both directions. They were requiring either studded tires or chains to get across the pass. Only problem was if you were caught driving with studded tires there was $124.00 fine. Studded tires are only legal in the State of Washington from November 1 to March 31. Sometimes they do extend the deadline but this particular year they didn't. I guess they thought since we have had 98 inches of snow already that it would just stop. Unfortunately we are still getting lots of snow in the mountains.

I hear I have some new readers on my I wanted to give out a shout to the Tri State Growers in Mountain City!!! Hey Tri State!!

Now let me give you a little history about Tri State. First off it is older than I am - but not by much. It was started in 1945. They sell anything to do with farming and gardening. You name it - they have it.

On the farm, we bought almost everything we needed from the Tri State. The first of the year would be when we bought our tobacco seeds and canvas to sow the tobacco bed.
We also bought feed for the animals, fertilizer, and machinery. In the spring we would buy vegetable seeds.

A few years ago my grandchildren and I were planting a garden. I wanted them to experience the same kind of beans their great grandma and great great grandma had in their garden so I called Tri State to order a pound of beans. The lady that worked there went out of her way to make sure they were packaged and even called to see if I got them. We planted the beans and had great fun picking them and preparing them for dinner.

Here's a photo of those beans. They are called half runners and are the best tasting beans on earth. I could eat a whole pot full by my self.

If you're in Mountain City, drive by the Tri State. I am sure they will be glad to see you.

That's it for today.


Anonymous said...

Boy, those half runners were good, with cornbread. And I remember the yellow wax beans and shellies were good too.
I talked to my friend in Neva last night, she says they expect some snow on Monday.
My aunt Gaye Wallace Wilson passed away March 26 in Sedro Woolley, where she had lived since 1956. She had a back ache and when she went to the Dr, he said it was cancer and she got some treatments, but didn't live but 6 months or maybe it was a little less.

Speedy said...

Can we pick some up while we are there? Will you let Sherri and I eat some out of that pot?

Joe and Sherri