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Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Foolin'

Well, The weatherman done it again. He predicted sunny temps and highs in the fifties. I woke up to 2 inches of snow yesterday and 4 inches today. Will this winter ever come to an end?? I thought spring started weeks ago.

I only remember raising broom corn one time but I do remember the broom that was made from that broom corn. The broom corn was planted on the edge of the cornfield. Broom corn didn't grow as tall as the regular corn and it had this reddish brown pod looking thing on the top. We treated it like the regular corn. It was hung on a wall in the smokehouse until it dried and was ready to make the broom. I do remember when they went to make the broom they took the broom apart and used the same handle for the broom. It was woven together with twine string. I don't remember the making of the broom but we used that broom for a long time. We finally bought a store bought broom but we continued to use the old one for sweeping and scrubbing the porch so we wouldnt get the new broom dirty.

That's it for today.


JB said...

Sure am glad to see you back in the game.

FD5, Retired said...

Hey JJ,
I don't think the weathermen ever get it right. This morning before going to work the weatherman said "We will have horrible weather in central Mississippi" with tornado's predicted. Sun was out most of the day with a 30 minute light sprinkle. So say it the weatherman.
Good to see you back.

Stay Safe

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Being raised in a large city, London, I had never seen a corn broom until I immigrated here. I had no idea how they got their name, or that special corn had to be grown to make them.
Very informative. Thanks.
So good to see you posting again.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Speedy said...

Well welcome back girl. Sherri and I were worried you didn't like us anymore!!! You know a new broom sweeps clean.

Joe and Sherri