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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunday to Friday

Well, It has been a few days since I posted and I didn't want anyone to thiink I had abandoned this blog. I have not. The weather here has been crazy this week, rain, and then 7-10 inches of snow and then sunshine and we are expected to have temperatures in the 70's on Monday.

I did go out to check out the new additions to the Northern Quest Casino here in Spokane. It is huge (Speedy and Sherri) They do not charge admission, however, they don't mind if you leave a donation -- which I did.

I am looking at replacing the flooring in the Out House (my motor home) with laminate flooring. I got some samples but none of them were exactly what I want - so its back to Home Depot for more samples until I decide what I want. If I get enough samples I could probably use those.

Speaking of outhouses the out house we had when I was growing up was a little ways down the path on the way to the barn. We had an old out house and then they dug a pit and built a new one. The old one was made from rough lumber and logs and had cracks in it. It had a shingled roof . Whenever a windstorm would come we were continuallly looking for the shingles to nail them back on.When it snowed the snow came through the cracks and you had to wipe off your sitting place. In the summer there were lots of bees in the outhouse so you had to be careful where you sat as not to get stung. Once in awhile you might find an occasional chicken in there. It was in sad shape. There were three seats in it, a large one, a medium one, and small one. An old keg of corncobs sat in the corner because my grandfather preferred using a corncob to a page out of the catalog. It was also where we stored the hoes, rakes and shovels.

When the new outhouse was built it was built out of nice lumber with no cracks and it had a tin roof. It was smaller so there were only two seats and they were the same size. We still used the catalogs but the nail keg stayed in the old one and my grandfather had his own private toilet. The only time I can remember of having store bought toilet paper was when we had out of town company come to visit and then they only bought one roll. We kids were told we still had to use the catalog. Of course we snuck the toilet paper when we could. When the roll was gone both us and the company had to go back to the catalog.

I found this poem and i thought it was pretty good.

Caught In The Act
I recall one time when I was a lad
A bit of advice I got from my Dad.
I'd retired "out-back" and reached for the "Mak'ins."
It was right after breakfast of eggs and bacon.
I rolled a smoke like any cowboy'd do -
Admired it a bit and lit it, too.
I got it going good but then turned pale
Cause I heard someone coming down the trail.
I chucked my cigarette down a crack in the floor
Just before my Dad walked through the door.
He stepped in and sniffed around
And I knew then, I was on thin ground.
The smoke swirled up from the crack in the floor
And I wished that I was out that door.
Dad sat down and rolled a smoke
And lit it up before he spoke.
He said, "son, is that your cigarette smoking?"
I knew at a glance he wasn't joking.
I hung my head and said "Yes, it is."
Then he flicked his ashes and looked at his.
"Son," he said, "just look at me.
I've smoked for years as you can see.
My teeth aren't clean and my fingers are yellow.
It's a mighty bad habit to get, young fellow.
I used to chew and that's worse, yet.
The tobacco habit is easy to get.
Son, if you quit now it'll be easy to do
But if you don't, it'll get the best of you."
Now, he didn't exactly say this in rhyme
But, I've remembered his words for a mighty long time.
I'll always be grateful for that smoke in the crack
And the lecture Dad gave me in the "house-out-back."
"author unknown"
And that's It For Today!!


Gypsy said...

Shortly after my mom & dad were married in Cincinnati, they traveled down to southwestern Kentucky to visit her folks on the farm. My dad got stung by a black widow spider in the outhouse, and he thought he was going to die! They might have sent someone to fetch the doctor in town, but there were no phones to call him. I'm sure my grandpa put Absorbine Jr. on the wound, as that is how he treated every ailment in the kids to the farm animals!

Tumbleweed Dee said...

That's a great blog! We also had an outhouse that we used when I was very young. It was so fascinating to see the new toilet, with a HANDLE. Thanks for the memories.