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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Webkinz Weekend

Well, it was a great - not so great weekend.

First I will tell you about the not so great part. As you may or may not know the grandkids came to visit for the weekend. Friday night was fun. We had a wonderful time playing Mexican Train and camping in the "Eleven Foot RV". Only problem was it was cold. or at least Grandma was. Saturday morning we woke up to snow again!! Not those itty bitty flakes either. Great big gigantic flakes of snow and it kept snowing and snowing and snowing until we had about three inches on the ground making it the second snowiest winter on record in Spokane. It snowed off and on all day long. It was a nice day for being inside.

And now for the great part.

We did venture out long enough to go to a specialty gift store to check out the Webkinz. This store had a huge selection of stuffed pets, not to mention clothing, mouse pads, book marks, lip gloss and everything to do with Webkinz. We each came home with a new Webkinz. Lauralei got a horse, Kimberlei got a pink poodle and Grandma got a cocker spaniel. After all, Grandma's need Webkinz too!!! We got them registered on the internet and they showed me how to feed and care for my pet. Also how to set up a house and buy things for my new pet. Amazing the things kids learn these days. When I was a kid, I was happy with a junebug on a string, or a catalog I could cut paper dolls out of.

Dinner was Grandma's wonderful psaghetti and garlic bread. Kid food to be sure. We camped out inside the house because it was a little too cold to be camping outside and Grandma is not comfortable when she is cold.

Sunday we lounged around with our Webkinz and programming Grandma so she can now download pictures to her scrolling picture key chain and to her MP3. If she can remember how to do it she probably will also be able to download pictures to her MP3.

We decided to take a trip to Idaho for a little bit more shopping. While we were in Idaho we ran into another snow storm. Snow, hail and wind and Grandma without a camera. Dropped the Grandkids off, came home and took a much needed nap.

It was a wonderful weekend and a quality one to be sure. Maybe the snow wasnt' so bad after all.

And in the words of my father and our Great Grandpa, "That's it for Today".

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Anonymous said...

Jenny I have a funny story about Webkinz at the Chucky Cheese. My grandgirls were involved with this so you can relate.

Speed and his Girl