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Monday, April 14, 2008

Road Trip

Well, The high on Saturday was 70 and on Sunday it got even warmer. 75 wa the high temp of the day. All that sunshine on Saturday gave me the "hitch-itch" so decided to take a small road trip to Idaho, a distance of about 20 miles.

It was a beautiful drive and No, that is not my Eleven foot RV in the picture. You can see the snow on the mountains. Glad it is up there and not down here.

Beautiful Downtown Post Falls, Idaho.

On Saturday there was a sale on Webkinz at one of the local department stores. Since I am always one to always take advantage of a sale, three more Webkinz just happened to jump into my shopping cart. On the way home from Idaho I had to make sure I delivered them.

Lauralei got the German Shepard, Kimberlei got the Persian Kitty, I got the Bullfrog and I had the Cocker Spaniel (Benjy) from last week.

The frog has been properly named Juneo Toadeo after my sister, June, who is a huge collector of frogs.

Juneo this is for you!!

It's now a race to see who can get their animal registered and settled into its new home first.

It was a beautiful weekend. Two full days of sunshine. Hugs from the Grandkids. A road trip and I am a Happy Camper. In the words of my father, "That's it for today".


Tumbleweed Dee said...

Great pictures! Nice weather finally for you. It's cold here, but should warm up in next couple of days. Thanks for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

My sister is named June also.