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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend and Crafts


Well the weekend went way too fast. Did accomplish a few things. I bought some material on Friday for a project I am working on. I needed to set up my sewing machine on the dining table so I could do some serious sewing. Also wanted to change places with the microwave , the butcher block cart and the baker's rack. Got that side of the mountain accomplished. Found the sewing machine, now I just need to find the needles, pins, the scissors, the pattern and get started. Remember those patterns I bought a couple months ago on sale at Hancock's fabrics. Well I ran into them again. Still in the same bag with the material for a future project. I will get started on that "tomorrow".

A few nights ago in the chat room we were talking about crafts etc. and some of "The Ladies" asked me about the crafts I make.and wanted to see pictures of them. I love to do crafts and probably will do a lot more when I retire. I took a few photos of a couple things I have done.

Here is a potholder with a picture of my grandkids. These would be great for any Mother or Grandma. Mother's Day is coming up you know. I made these for Christmas.

And here is a necklace and earrings I made after I saw one like it in a gift shop.

and a blue necklace.

A bracelet and earrings.

More bracelets and a pair of earrings.

Here is a vegetable bag for keeping raw vegetables in your refrigerator. Its kind of like those green bags you see advertised. Carrots kept in a bag like this for four weeks in the refrigerator. They were still as crisp as the day I bought them.

This is something i dreamed up out of my little pea brain. There are sometimes and some places I go that I don't like to carry my purse. This little bag goes around your neck and you can carry your ID, your credit card and your money without fear of losing it. It has three pockets and a velcro closure. If you like to carry an Ipod or MP3 when you are out walking it would also be great for holding those.

I made this one out of casino material to take to the casino with me. I apologize for the pictures. Guess I took them sideways instead of straight on. Maybe I should put photo taking on my list of things to accomplish. Here it is open so you can see the pockets.

I have a few more and I will post those at another time. In the words of my father, "That's it for Today".

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Anonymous said...

I am IN LOVE with the pot holder idea [all your crafts are great!] ... but you should really think about selling those...I mean that in the best way possible! [If the extra money would help..I mean..uh, y'know, right?]

I can sew all day long and love it...but I can't do the picture transfer to save my life [I am geeky about the technology!]

I love the blog and your grandkids are adorable - I especially enjoyed their blog with the webkidz....our kids are around their age!

Take care and thanks for the great blog!