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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Greening Up

Well, I think the weather has finally straightened out around here. It seems to be getting warmer. Yesterday the AM temperature was 52. Today it was 33. The days have been filled with sunshine. That's a great thing because it means there will be no more of that dreadful s**w. It is pretty to look at but you can have too much of a good thing.

With all of the sunshine and warm temperatures during the day everything is beginning to bloom and the green is getting greener. It is amazing to see how many shades of green are beginning to show up. Here is a few pictures I took on my walk at lunch.

When the grandkids were smaller they loved going out to pick flowers for Grandma. They would come back with a dandelion. I would ooh and ahh about it and tell them it was my favorite flower. Pretty soon here they would come with handfuls of dandelions. I would have to get a vase to put them in and set them in the window. because I was so proud of them. Here is a picture of Grandma's favorite flower.

The leaves on this tree are beginning to green up. It will be a pretty tree with lots of shade in a few months.

I beleive this is a flowering cherry tree. At any rate all these pink blossoms will soon be turning a different shade of green.

This ground cover will soon have the brown spot a beautiful shade of green. The black spot in the picture is a different story.

Here is another tree with different green.

Some day these buds will also be green.

And in the middle of summer it will be great to lie back in this green grass and watch those lazy afternoon clouds float by.

It has been a lovely walk - now back to the old grind.

All I need is a vase.

In the words of my Father, "That's It for Today".

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