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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Word Of The Day - Snow

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water. ~Carl Reiner

Well, today was a mixed bag. I knew I was going on a "road trip". Boy was I excited. Had reservations for overnight at Coeur d'Alene Casino. Getting out of Dodge , even for a short jaunt was plenty enough to put a smile on my face. Got everything loaded in the truck, suitcase, clothing for four days, cooler for beverages and snacks, camera, laptop, some reading material etc. etc. Seems the older we get the more we have to take. Someday that will change.

Truck loaded, it's off to Idaho with a short stop in Coeur d'Alene. Roads are bare, with a little snow in the foothills

While in Coeur d'Alene the weather began to change. Finished the errand and ready to get on the road for the 30 mile trip south. Suddenly the skies became a dark gray and it looked like it could snow at any minute. And snow it did!



Made it to the casino Whew!!

Got all checked into the hotel. A trip to the casino lasted fifteen minutes or so and cost me $20 admission. I got out of there in a hurry. Looking forward to chatting with the RV Dreams friends (that will keep me out of the casino) unpacked the laptop and guess what!!!!! NO power cord!! Can you believe it?? I should have made a list. Well there goes surfing the net....plan B back to the casino. This time I did better got my admission money back and had a little fun with Wheel of Fortune slots.

Had a wonderful buffet dinner. As with all buffets I think I need to try a little of everything and I did. I had one of the best steaks I have ever eaten. Wish I could remember the name of the sauce it was served with. I was so full I almost didnt have room for desserts - both of them.

Now, I have heard that one way to cure a full stomach is to sit in a soft chair
push a button and watch the little wheels turn round and round. As long as I am watching for bars that line up takes my mind off my indigestion. About midnight I did find my indigestion gone and so was my money.

Woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful 7 or 9 inches of snow. Decided to get an early start home becuse of the snow covered roads and the fact it was snowing and blowing and drifting. Temperature was 23 and wind chill at 8 degrees. There was not a lot of traffic on the road. Across the prarie between Rockford WA and Spokane Valley the snow was blowing in all directions causing a whiteout and snowdrifts on the roadway. About an hour after reaching home there was a news report saying the highway had been closed.

Closer to Spokane the conditions improved somewhat. I was glad to be home.

I leave you with one last photo of a piece of property in Worley, Idaho that I am part owner of.

And in the words of my father "That's it for Today."

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