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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wal Mart Winner

Well, there's not much to post about today. I will do better tomorrow, I promise.

When I was at Wal Mart on Saturday, my main objective was to get a Press and Vac. I don't know how they come up with this invention but it is the best thing since "spilt milk". I bought the sealer and 4 boxes of bags for under $20. You find them in the grocery section with the foil, ziplock bags etc.

It is a hand held vacuum sealer. The bags come in quart or gallon sizes and the box says they are reusable. I think it perfect for RVing . Would not take up much space and think of the things you could do with it. Now, I like to buy a whole package of steaks and break them down add my marinade and throw them in the freezer. When I am ready to grill a steak I pull it out . The marinate soaks into the meat as it thaws..I think it gives it better flavor. You caan do the same thing with chicken.

They would be especially great if you wanted to prepare meals, seal them, freeze them, and use them when you are boondocking. All you would need would be a pot of hot water to throw them in.

I read on the internet you can even use them to preserve your silver. I always manage to spend my change. I would never get a bag full.

I can see lots of uses for those little bags from using them to break down things into individual or two serving portions and you dont have to deal with a big box. Good for making snacks to carry in your pocket such as trail mix for a hike etc.

They would be great in the cooler, just fill them with water seal it and then freeze.Toss in the cooler to keep your food cool. They would also make great ice packs.

I am sure you can come up with many more ideas.

I am trying to "declutter" except when it comes to my paper. I love paper and can never get enough of it. Threw away another small pile of it today - well, two or three pieces. I read decluttering relieves stress. I do believe that is true.

Last, I wanted to share something I learned yesterday. Everyone knows the shortest day of the year is the first day of winter. From December 11 until June 20 the days grow longer each year. On December 21, Sunrise was at 7:29AM and Sunset was 3:58PM. Yesterday, Sunrise was at 7:37 AM and sunset at 4:15 PM. So the days are getting longer and we are one day closer to spring. We're gaining on 'em.


Donna McNicol said...

I will definitely be interested in hearing how you like vacuum sealer. I like the idea of tossing the bag in water to cook when boondocking.

There is also a great recipe for omelets done that way:
One zip-lock bag per person, with their name written on it, break in a couple eggs, anything else you desire, as in this case, ham, cheese, green peppers, green onions… mix it all well with your fingers… let the air out… fold the bag and drop it in… boiling water. A few minute later… a great omelet.

So be sure to post your results!

As to paper, I found that by giving it to the neighbor for projects with her kids, it was easier to part with. I had a huge stash of all colors, several weights, different patterns...kept about 1/5 of it, stuff I knew I had a use for.

Anonymous said...

I have a vacuum sealer,use it everyday. When we grill burgers I put the extras in vacuum sealer freez and when we want burgers again, take them out , microwave and they are ready for our buns. Taste great.
In TN today weather was near 70 degrees. Just like a spring day, as you say one more day closer to spring.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we do any "boondocking" as you call it here in Vermont, but this would be a handy-dandy gadget for huntin' camp come fall.......

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog. Reminds of me when I first started ours. I am glad you posted about the vacuum bag thing. I have been looking at those but just wasn't sure they would work. I will be purchasing one since you had such good results. I often thought when I was packing blankets etc in space bags, it would be nice to be able to do this to food!!

I am glad to see you enjoy genealogy. I have been researching my family for about 25 years now and love it. Your photos are great!

Keep up the good work.

Snackmaster & Jan