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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Brrrrrr It's Cold Out There

Everywhere I turned today there has been news of the weather. I woke up to a "chilly" 20 degrees, turned over pulled up the blankets and then realized I had to get up and go to work.

I got up, turned on the morning news only to find the temperatures will be the same for the foreseeable future. At least that's what the weatherman is predicting - we'll see.

Next, I grabbed up the morning paper, a photo of swimmers entering the icy waters of Lake Coeur'd Alene for the 29th annual Polar Bear Plunge. With temperature at 28 degrees and the wind chill at 21 around 1000 people participated in the event. You can bet I was not one of those brave souls and my picture did not make the front page.

Thinking there would not be any "weather news" in my email, I got on the computer. Lo and behold, an email with pictures attached, from my sister in Vermont. You guessed it - snow pictures from around her house. No thanks, I don't need any more snow!!

Vermont Winter

On my way to work, I phoned my other sister in Tennessee......she was just waking up. Oh No!!, she says, when I went to bed, there was no snow. Now look, there is about two to three inches and the temperature is 11 degrees.

Tennessee Winter

The evening news was full of weather across the country. From frigid Florida where farmers were protecting their citrus crops to Louisana where they were covering their strawberries to California where a trio of rainstorms were expected to hit there. Okay! Enough is enough!

Dinner's over. It's time for RV Dreams Chat. The main topic tonight - well you guessed it - the WEATHER!! Everyone was talking about how cold it was and comparing temps. From 7 degrees in Lexington KY, 20 degrees in Cary NC, Mesa AZ in the low 50s, Alabama in the low 20s, 4 degrees in eastern Kansas, and 2 above in Iowa. It is definitely cold all across the USA.

I've had enough of weather for today. Let's fast forward to Spring. After all it's only 68 days.

In the words of my father "That's It For Today".


Anonymous said...

Well good report on the weather.Thanks for the snow pictures,being the US has snow almost everywhere. Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the link to your Blog, Jenny! Really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures. Love the country up there. My sister used to live in Heron, MT and we visited her but never went over to Coeur d'Alene.


Anonymous said...

In your blog, you said it was 68 days to spring, but that is by the calendar which is March 20th. That is not usually the case in Vermont where we have at least a couple of mud seasons (that is why Vermont is one of the states that has 5 seasons)go back in to winter a couple of times and spring arrives around the 1st of June. There has been years in the past where you would have spring in the morning, summer in the afternoon and the day the leaf peekers would be flocking to see the Maple leaves turn.
Just wanted to add a little Vermont humor to your blog site...great job!!!!!


Anonymous said...

By the way, we had -24 here on Thursday night...that is "Brrrr It's Cold Out There"