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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On The MOOOVe!!

Well, the birthday hoopla is over and now it is back to finding something to write about. As everyone knows I read a lot of blogs. It is a sure sign of fall because a lot of my friends are on the MOOOve!!

Ellie, Jim, Dortha, and Mark, have picked up Deb and Rod and they are traveling in tandem through Oregon. Now that's the way to do it -- take your friends with you --- Hey!! Wait guys!! You left me back here in Spokane........

Gordon and his lovely bride Juanita are so in love with the Oregon Coast they extended their stay there in order to soak up a little more sunshine and "catch another wave or two".

Jesse and Ginger just finished their workcamping gig in New York and are moving toward the Southwestern portion of the USA.

Ed and Marilyn are soon headed for Indiana and meeting Jesse and Ginger there before heading toward South Texas.

Joy and Jay are headed for my hometown of Mountain City Tennessee after spending the summer in Alaska. They came right through Spokane - but guess where I was?? Mountain City Tennessee!!

Kevin and Arlene just picked up their new 5th wheel and are embarking to Florida on their way to their new adventure.

Doug and JoAnn and "My #1 poodle" Fillmore are also in Florida.

The Wishnies just finished a great wildlife tour in Yellowstone.

Larry and LeeAnn were in Montana on their way north to Canada.

When you're reading blogs you learn a lot about your friends. ----Speedy and Rollie found not only can they camp together they can also "dump together" without incident.

Linda and Howard had dinner in a brothel.

Dee and Jim have ordered a new fifth wheel.

Fred isn't afraid of bears or Buffalo!!

Al of the Bayfield bunch has a morning shake called "Sounds Yukky - Tastes Yummy".

Odell hides the brownies in the dryer.

Suzy hides her drinking glasses in the oven.

Jim and Linda are in West Virginia on their way to "parts unknown".

Sandra and Gordon are nearing the end of their six months in Canada and travels back to the USA.

"Pa" (Darrell) and Ms Judy are at home in Michigan visiting relatives. Well I should say their "old homeplace" 'cause now their home is wherever they are parked.

Gypsy is having repairs done in Kansas. Another mini gathering with her and Mac, Lynette , Paul and Mary is in the near future.

Bob, Molly, Donna and Keith are meeting at the Gypsy Gathering in Ohio.

These are but a few of the people I keep up with on a daily basis. Thanks guys for letting me travel with you as you move about. I will be out there with you real soon!!

That's it for today.


Anonymous said...

You are already a writer. I enjoyed your blog.

Tumbleweed Dee said...

I love it! Thanks Jenny! Now I'll put that in the List and keep following for the winter.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Hey Jenny we're waiting on you!! Just let us know when you get out here and we'll catch up to you. Never know we might catch ya in Washington next year. Take care,

Rollie & Gina

Al Bossence said...

Wow, you are a very busy person indeed. I liked how you took the time & made the effort to mention so many people & what's happening in their lives & you did it Reader's Digest style. Short, sweet, & to the point. Keep up the great writing Jenny. I think we're beginning to see a Jennstar rising over in your area:))

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh! Don't you wish The Outhouse was on it's way south, too?
I hope you don't have a Winter like the last one.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Speedy said...

OK Girl I have heard this I am on my way need to get us a time frame so we can all intercept you on your way south.

paulette said...

Happy belated birthday!

Gordon Pierce said...

As you well know Jenny, we love having you along for the ride.

Gordon and Juanita

Debbie and Rod said...

What a great blog Jenny!