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Saturday, September 5, 2009

"More Busy"

Well, I am still trying to catch up. Here are more photos of my visit to Mountain City.

In my last post I forgot my North Carolina friends, Lenaivell, Fran, sister June and myself went to Walmart. I am putting a visit to a Walmart in all 50 states on my "bucket list".
And my friend Jacky and I spent an afternoon together which included a tour of Tri State Growers which is the "local hot spot" for anything you need to use on the farm!!
A visit with my cousin Laura is always enjoyable. I treasure any time I get to spend with her. We love to talk about the good old days.

And I did get to "Go Home Again". This is the house I was born in. My Granny Holloway was the midwife and my dad named me after a sack of flour. I found out my "Granny" still lives there. If the house gets messy - she will let you know about it.

I love spending time with my brother, Doran. Loved the tractor ride, Thanks, Bro!!!

And then I went to the grocery store. My only problem was what kind of greens to fix for dinner. Do I get turnip greens, creasy greens, leaf spinach, kale greens, beet greens, mustard greens or mixed greens? Too many choices - So little time!!

A trip to the outhouse was definitely a must on my list of things to see and do

Spent some quality time with my best friend Jean and her mom, Sue. Her mother tells great stories and grows the prettiest flowers. She is really special.

Met some more childhood friends. Mary and I have been friends since grade school and still keep in touch.

and I met some new friends. A faithful reader, Keisha, knows me only as "Elevenfootrv" and Carter stole my heart with that great big wink. He is named after his great grandfather Carter Issacs, another friend of mine. You might say I have known the family for generations!!

and I attended a great football game --my first in 46 years. I watched my alma mater JCHS trounce Unicoi with a score of 26 to 13. Go Horns!!!

and that wraps up this edition of Travels in Johnson County - Stay tuned for more!!
That's it for today.

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