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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, I have had a very enjoyable visit here in my hometown of Mountain City. One of the things that bothers me when I visit here that the internet connection is not the best. Packing everything up and going to Hardee's to use my high speed was kind of a pain. However, I seemed to have figured it out now.

When I changed my cell phone service I opted to buy a Blackbery Storm phone. Now I knew it would do eveything but the dishes and I wasn't sure if I could ever get all those little bells and whistles figured out. It was quite a learning curve and it was a lot different than my old "hand crank" cell phone. After some major hurdles I found you can teach "an old dog new tricks".

Before, I left Washington I had found out I could tether my laptop computer and my Blackberry cell phone together and I could have high speed intenet without leaving the house. I wasn't sure how good it would work here in the mountains of East Tennessee but I gotta tell you it is excellent!! I have high speed connection and in the two weeks I have been here I have only used 1 Gigabyte and I am allowed 5 Gigabytes per month. I couldn't be happier---

The weather here has been great for the most part. A little rain and lots of sunshine keep these mountains beautiful. As I reflect on the past two weeks here are some things I've done.

  • Lots of visiting with relatives

  • Connected with some old friends

  • Found some new ones

  • Gained a few pounds

  • Listened to lots of stories

  • Spent quality time with family

  • Explored old places

  • Watched the sunrise

  • Spent a day at the fair

  • Traveled some new roads

  • Had my fill of biscuits and gravy (well almost)

  • Found some bluegrass musicians

  • Ate fish in three different states

  • Got locked in the library

  • Visited with my North Carolina friends

  • Had some home cooked food straight from the garden

  • Visited some cemeteries

  • Celebrated my birthday (a little early)

  • Watched The Longhorns win at football

  • Visited the place of my birth and found my Granny still lives there.

  • As soon as I finish packing, I am planning on one last dinner out and memories to last until I come back again.

    That's it for today.

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