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Monday, September 14, 2009

In Spokane

Mountain City, Tennessee

Well, I am Home again. Seems like I just left home and now here I am right back where I started. There were no photos because I inadvertenly packed my camera in my suitcase. The bus trip as well as the plane trip went off as planned. Even the shuttle was at the station to pick me up as planned. My three hour layover in Kansas City seemed so short. I was able to surf the net and that makes the time pass so quickly. My only beef with the flight was I had to again fly 300 miles west to Seattle and 300 miles east again to arrive in Spokane. I don't know why Southwest Airlines does that. This time I didn't have to get off the plane though. Arrival in Spokane was 10 minutes early. I was glad to get my feet on the terra firma.

I had a couple of comments about my "Clotheslines" post. One was asking if I remembered about the pole that held the clothesline in the middle. Well, yes I do. The pole in the middle was to keep the clean clothes from dragging on the ground. Sometimes it was a board with a notch cut in the middle and you put it under the clothesline t keep the bedsheets etc. from dragging the ground. My dad had gone out into the woods and cut down a "sapling" with a fork and that is what we used to hold up the clothes line. He cut it so the fork portion was what held up the clothesline.

The other question I had was: How do you hang socks on the line - by the toe or the top?

Well, the answer to that is by the toe of course. you could hang a pair by each clothespin. If you hung them by the tops you could only hang one at a time. Bobby socks were the "in" thing and if you hung them by the top you ended up with indentations in the top of your sock and you certainly couldn't go to school looking like that. If you ran out of clothespins before you got to the socks you just slung them across the line or laid them on a bush along with the rags and such.

I had another comment about another post where I had poked a little fun at my hometown of Mountain City. I love my hometown and am so happy I was able to grow up there. I love writing about my experiences there and believe me it was was not personal. I don't edit my writings nor do I use spell check (sometimes I think I should) but I write off the top of my head and the way it comes out is the way it comes out.

As bloggers we always leave ourselves in a very vulnerable state by publishing our thoughts, ideas, opinions, dreams, hopes & feelings on the web for anyone anywhere to read. I can tell you with all honesty there is no place I would rather be than Mountain City.

Keep those cards and letters comin' folks. I appreciate all your comments!!

That's it for today!!

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Rod Ivers said...

Our pole to hold the line up between the sheets was a 2 X 2 old board with two rusty nails hammered in on the end to make a V under the line. Someone had thrown it out because it was twisted like a barber pole, and they couldn't build with that.
As a blogger, I need that opinion filter, so my dirty laundry doesn't hang out so often, got any ideas where we could get one?