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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Northern idaho

For some unknown reason the cyber god attached themselves to my pictures here so ii had to delete them. I am working to get those ptures restored tothis site. thanks Jenny

Well, since I haven't had any pictures to post for a while I thought I would share a few pics ofone of my favorite places Northern Idaho. Mirror Lake is located just outside Sagle, Idaho. It is a private lake and has a small campground and some of the greatest fishing in the world. I have been fishing this lake for the past 40 some odd years.

Here is a picture of the Grandkids going fishing with Uncle John on Mirror Lake. Note: Kimberlei has two broken arms and still went fishing and caught fish. This was taken a couple years ago.

This is the HandMobile, a classic owned by John and Gail Hand. Unique exterior decorated with hands of their friends and family.
A different kind of mail box, Sagle, Idaho.
This rock has a different story behind it. There was a lady who lived on Beauty Creek in a cabin. She found this rock on the top of the mountain about 10 miles away. She mentioned to a couple of loggers that she would like to have the rock in her front yard. At the end of the logging season when they moved their equipment they used a grapple skidder to transport this rock to her front yard. She repaid them with a fifth of whiskey. She transformed that rock into the focal point of her yard. She dug a hole around the rock and lined it with cement and built a fish pond around the rock where she kept goldfish.
The cabins are all gone now and the fish pond is all but covered up with leaves and debris but the rock is still there and until another logger with a grapple skidder comes along the rock is where it will stay.

and in the words of my Father, "That's it for Today".


Donna McNicol said...

I don't know why but I can't see your photos...just a white space where they would be?

Anonymous said...

Jenny still waiting for an up-date. What have you been up to. I know you chat at night. Have any plans for a trip to the lake..I know you have something going on.