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Friday, March 21, 2008

Camping With Grandma


My name is Kimberlei and my name is Lauralei. Hi I'm kimberlei I am on the right. Hi I'm Lauralei I guess I'm on the left ---I think--- I'm just kidding I know what side I am on.

Hello we're over at are grandmas. Were going to have some much fun!. The fun thing is that we get to drink beer! Root beer! LOL we are going to be playing card games. And we are all going to play with are webkinz. grandma thought that we could actualy have a zoo because we have so many. lauralei has 4 webkinz. they are a huskey, a hippo, also a black horse and a raindeer. I have a frog a panda bear and a seal. Webkinz are stuffed animals that comes with a code and you go to and you register and then you just take care of them. The cool thing about them is that they dont die. ok now back to talking about what were doing. We're going to sleep out in the camper and were going to have a blast!!!! We are going to play poker also, other games. we're going to stay up late!!! Tomarow were going to a garage sale. sorry if i spell any words wrong. we are going to have snaks and pop. were going to have sooooooooooo much fun! i love coming over to my grandmas. she always has so many great ideas for use to have fun when we come over. we do lots of activitys. my grandma did not type this. i did kimberlei i am a big girl and i can type so i typed this. but my grandma thought that this was pritty cool! :)


ps. we also went online to chat with some people -that was too much fun. If you ladies are reading this Hi Ladies!!

Hello my name is lauralei!
Kimberlei has told you about webkinz if you have any kids that like stuffed animals well you might want to listen. As you heard i have 4 webkinz one husky, one little kinz hippo. Little kinz is a smaller version of a webkin they are both the same but different sizes. Also I have a reindeer, and a black horse. Here is some pictures of my webkinz . as you can see on his left foot it has a w for webkinz. make sure you keep your secret code that comes with it. the blue hippo also has the w on its foot. See the tag on the horse make sure when you buy one it has that tag or you cant get on to webkinz world.and there is much more if your daughters or sons have any questions just leave a coment and my grandma will tell me and i answer your questions.

here is some other webkinz animals.

you can make your room and do anything in it. you can invite friends over in your room. only friends that is a member to webkinz.remember to log out of webkinz. dont share the secret code.


If you have any questions send a coment and i can answer your questions.

thank you


As you can see I had a really busy weekend. The grandkids are the greatest. Their portion of this blog is unedited(even the spelling). As you can see Lauralei had no trouble with her pictures like I did last week. They did fail to mention the fact that we went to the Large Indoor Yard sale and we made jello easter eggs . I love spending time with my grandchildren. It is what keeps me young.

In the words of my father "That's it for Today".


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Great blog Kimi and Lily! You too, Jenny! It was nice meeting you girls on chat. I really like the name kimposible!

Tumbleweed Dee said...

What a great job! Thanks for sharing the animal site. My grandkids will love it! Great to have you two on chat. Thanks Jenny for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I missed you both on chat but I know that you are grand kids...get it...Oh maybe not anyway great journal entry Jenny. We had our G-Kids over for easter. I know you enjoy yours like we do ours. Can't live with them and you can't live without them LOL.