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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Friday Bites The Dust

Well, another Friday bites the dust. It has been a stressful week.

Dealing with angry customers is no picnic especially those who think there has been a mistake made and it is not in their favor. They tend to behave like two year olds. Sometimes you have to let them vent, remembering they are not mad at you personally. They are mad at the company you work for.

Something I have found that works for me is to remain calm. Let them talk. They have to take a breath sometime.

When they do it is your turn. Ask questions to determine the facts. Empathize with them. Apologize for what has happened and assure them you will be able to handle their request.

Investigate what has happened, relate it to the customer and tell them what it will take to resolve the problem and then do it.

Confirm with the customer what you have done and ensure they are happy.

Be positive. Customers always appreciate that "warm fuzzy feeling" and a personal touch makes them feel appreciated and special.

I was glad to see Friday afternoon come and it was a payday so that made it better. My stress level just dropped.

That is about it for my week. I had a couple of halfwritten blogs which I failed to finish and post this week, Hopefully I will get to it on the weekend. It is going to be a pretty busy weekend. Rain and snow are in the forecast. As well as grocery shopping, laundry and moving mountains.

And in the words of my father, "That's it For Today".

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Anonymous said...


I can feel for you as a customer complaint representative. Unfortunately were I a customer you would undoubtably leave me very frustrated. When I call a company with a complaint sometimes I feel justifiably enraged but unfortunately I know that I can't take it out on the poor individual (customer service rep such as yourself) who answers my call. I also assume that the job can really wear on you sometimes.