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Monday, March 3, 2008

Too (Two) Fast Days

Well, the weekend came and went so fast I almost missed it. It is amazing how when your working and have to be at the job five days a week how slow the days go by. You wait all week for the weekend and the two days fly by.

I needed to do some shopping, so I was up early and went to Walmart. Got some groceries and some other things I didn't need. Bought a new set of speakers for my MP 3. Now I have bought three sets of speakers for it and don't like either one of them. Maybe I will start a speaker farm.

Also stopped by the mall where I found some great buys. I was looking for a pair of lounge around pants, found two pair original price $40 and $38, got both for $5 bucks each plus a $20 top for another $5. That made me happy -- always looking for a bargain!! I had a gift card to pay for my purchases so that made me even happier. Free Clothes!!

For Dinner on Saturday, I made Shrimp Scampi and Baked Potatoes. It was very good. I love to cook but have not been doing much of it as of late.

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Spokane. It is so nice to see the sun these days. Winter is nice with all that white fluffy stuff and cold days but I absolutely am looking forward to spring this year. The weatherman says Official spring begins this year on March 19 at 10:43 PM. Guess I won't be awake to see it in this year.

As in the words of my father "That's it for Today!".


Anonymous said...

Jenny I figured out how to comment. What a dummy I am. Please keep writing. Love your blog.


Anonymous said...

Jenny, we had 4" of snow here this afternoon. I went into work and the traffic was horrible! I know what you mean about the weekends going fast and then the work days dragggggggs by!


Bob and Molly said...

Hi JJ!

Thanks for the nice comments.…it’s always a pleasure to hear from you!! And we will definitely wave when we pass Johnson City. You grew up not too far from Bob’s mom’s family…they were from Sword’s Creek, west of Marion, VA but moved to Newport News with the railroad back in the ‘50s. I was born in Roanoke, VA but my father was transferred to Richmond when I was a child. Still have lots of relatives in the Roanoke area and I still love the mountains! It’s such a lovely area.

We are driving up I 40 as I type, I’m using the aircard and it’s great o be online going down the road. We are trying to get to Jackson tonight so maybe we can outrun the s-n-o-w tomorrow!

Keep in touch!


Molly & Bob