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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hump Day

Well, here it is Wednesday, the middle of the week, Hump Day or whatever you choose to call it. All I know is I have worked two days and two more to go before I get that two day reprieve.

Yesterday I wrote about journals. Today I will write about blogs. Ever since I have discovered blogs (thru RV Dreams) I have developed an affinity for blogs. I can't read enough of them I have some thirty five blogs and journals I follow every day and many others I read sporadically. The wealth of information that is there is absolutely amazing. I can sit in my armchair and travel to many places every day. Alabama, Nevada, Florida, California, Texas, Utah, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina and the list goes on and on. One trio of couples met in Arizona and traveled to Mexico together for a fortnight. (Bet you didn't know I knew that word. I read it in a blog) . They had an absolutely wonderful time. And the pictures they posted were absolutely amazing. Thank you, Dos Tres Amigos.

I also follow Tioga and the team wherever their escapades lead them. At the current time they are in Mexico but traveling too far south for where I would want to go. Southern Mexico is not on my bucket list but I enjoy seeing the people and culture through words and pictures. I am also obsessed with building an earth oven for baking. that is on my "bucket list".

Howard and Linda are others I follow and have been since their beginning. They have taken me to wonderful places, swamping with alligators, a farm in Kentucky, the bayous of Louisana, the Gulf coast of Texas and the rocky area of Utah. Howard has a way with words that is unlike no other and his timing is perfect. Every time I think I need to hear some words of wisdom, Howard seems to know it and in the next post or two I will find those words I needed to hear. Thank You, Howard. His pictures also are amazing. Better than a National Geographic. I would write them a letter and suggest they hire him but I don't think he would trade what he has for a nine to five job.

Linda too, is an excellent writer. She took over writing duties a few weeks ago for a week or so. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her writings also.

I would link to all these journals I read but I have not figured out how to put links on here yet.Guess I will have to study up on that. I try to learn something new every day. Maybe adding links will be on my list today.

Thank you to all writers of blogs that let me travel with you thru your writings. Now if I can get out of this armchair I will be out there with you.

And in the words of my father, "That's it for Today."


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Links is easy, Jenny. Just copy the url that you want, highlight the word or words where you want the link to be in your blog, go to "Link" on the menu bar in the Edit page (right beside text color) and paste in the link. The word or words will come up blue and that's your link.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

We have started fulltiming and loving it! First chance I have had to get back to reading your blog. I really enjoy it and the photos. Great job!