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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Lazin' Around

Well, today was just a lazy kind of day after our funfilled day yesterday. Breakfast and then off to church. We have found a great Church of Christ here in Summerdale. The people are very friendly and it is evident that it is a working congregation who seek to practice the principles of the Bible without any man made doctrine.

In the afternoon we did venture out to the flea market close by where Don found what he described as "the buy of a lifetime" -- an iron skillet.

Evening found us again at church for another wonderful church service then it was home and "jammie time". The weather is expected to be below freezing for the next couple nights and after that there should be some sunshine.

From the Plantation -- That's it for today.

No note from Don -- he's busy trying out his new skillet.

1 comment:

Rod Ivers said...

Fry me up some taters and onions! Maybe a little sausage first to grease up the old skillet.

Retired Rod