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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

.......And Away We Go!

Well, when we left you last we were just pulling out of the driveway on our way down the road. The 5'ver was packed to the max (so says Don) while I was making a list of everything I forgot (including my money).

The 27 mile ride to the freeway took us through the state of Virginia and once on the interstate we re-entered the state of Tennessee

He was driving so fast my photo was blurred (that's my story and i am sticking to it)

Breezing down the freeway at a fast clip everything was fine until we entered the Knoxville area right at 5 PM rush hour traffic. Don was a little "white knuckled" as traffic was bumper to bumper and semi after semi passed us in the fast lane. At one point I counted 12 of them in a row. Lucky for him he took his half right out of the middle and we made it through okay. Once through he had a chance to breathe again and the conversation went something like this:

He: If you had been ready to go when I wanted to leave ..............
She: You made it through okay didn't you? So what, if a couple of semis and a few cars are going faster than you

He: You weren't driving and please don't route me through any more big did remember to bring my heart medicine didn't you?
She: Well, no you didn't give me time to pack it.

and with that we continued on down the road toward Chattanooga. Once in Chattanooga we had intended to stop and spend the night at Camping World and do some shopping. However, Camping World in Chattanooga does not allow overnight parking in their big EMPTY parking lot but they will allow you to camp in their RV park (of sorts) for $28 a night. Sorry, Camping World we will take our business elsewhere. So off across the freeway we go until we find a

They graciously allowed us to spend the night and after a little dinner and buying a couple trinkets - we called it a night.

Up early and away we go down the big highway headed for Calera Alabama

but first we need to go through Birmingham-----and yes, you guessed it----if there is a rush hour in the evening there is also a rush hour in the morning----and we made that one too---hit it just right!!!! After a little more conversation and a we arrive at

We had heard they provide free overnight parking for RVer's traveling through and they just happened to have an RV or two to look at plus we needed to run by Walmart for some more groceries. In short order, we had a spot, was set up and ready to enjoy the day with nowhere to "rush" too. The staff at Suncoast were very nice and went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable. If you're traveling thru and loooking for an overnight spot this would be the place!! Of course if you want to buy an RV they can sell you one too. We haven't made a deal (as yet) but we are looking.

So, we left Suncoast RV with happy thoughts and great expectations of arriving at "The Plantation" to spend some time with our good friends Darrell and Judy. They had invited us for a traditional travel day dinner and we were certainly looking forward to it.

Everything seems a little greener in Alabama as opposed to snow white Mountain City

Palm trees awaited us as we got closer to The Plantation
and lots and lots of pecan trees

Palm trees waiting to be planted

We arrived at "The Plantation" where we were greeted ever so warmly by an office full of Escapees. After a brief visit with Darrell and Judy we continued to set up our RV while we awaited dinnertime.
At the appointed time we made our way to D&J's and were treated to a lovely dinner, lively conversation, coffee and dessert and a visit with the katts. Of course, we never saw Katie, but Alex did make an appearance and even let me pet him for a minute. (It's okay Fillmore - you're still my favorite standard poodle)
After we had talked non-stop for a few hours and my throat was getting sore we said our "see ya's" with Pa's handwritten directions to ---yep - you guessed it -- Wal Mart -- there's just a couple more things on my list. We made our way home for our first night at "The Plantation".
From the Plantation - that's it for today!
Note from Don: This is a great place and the people are so friendly....we may make plans to spend a lot more time here - it would be a good place to escape the ice and snow of the frozen north.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

It's good to see that you're traveling. How exciting for you, Jenny!And to have a good man to travel with makes all the difference.

Judi Curp said...

How long will you be there. We should be heading in that direction by the end of the month. Would be great to see you two.

test said...

Happy to hear that you made it safely to the Plantation and that you are enjoying yourselves. We enjoyed our visit there in November, and will be back again someday. Hugs!!!

Chuck-Kathy said...

OMG Girl, you are too funny, now I would pay to read this blog. You have a talent, so don't waste it, keep them wheels a'rolling, and keep cranking out the blog.

Maggie Rae said...


I've lurked on your blog for a few years now. I am SO happy to see you posting regularly, and even happier that you are so damn happy. It shows.

As a faithful reader, and long time lurker I only have one complaint.. and that is: How will we ever know for sure how many beans were left in your snow jar if you aren't there to remove one every time is snows???? :)

I sure hope you left that jar of beans with someone trustworthy and capable of removing one for you ever time you miss a snow fall!!

Enjoy your travels, and I wish you a wonderful 2011.


Sue Malone said...

I just met you by way of the Bayfield Bunch and am looking forward to following your southern travels. It's great to see green grass and palm trees!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh Love those Cracker Barrel mashed pertaters!

It's worth a stopover in the lot just to get a bowl to eat and a bowl to go!

(plus they had some of those big flat old fashioned taffy--- we bought the rest of the box on the shelf!)

Karen and Steve
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