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Friday, July 25, 2008

A long day and Look Out For Beetles

Todays post will cover both Friday and Saturday.

Friday was a really long day - the last day of the work week.

I started counting the hours til quitting time at 5:05 AM.

Oh Boy!! ONLY 8 hours and 25 minutes until quitting time at 1:30 PM.

It was two hours until break (15 minutes) then two hours til lunch (30 minutes) two hours til break (15 minutes) and then two hours til Go Home Time.

The day went on forever. Combine that with the lady who calls and wants 14 cents credit on her bill. (someone must be hacking into her phone line) and she can't afford the bill. Or the gentleman who can't figure out why he has $785.00 bill for international long distance. He never calls out of the country but his daughter was in Italy on a school trip and her mother had to keep in contact with her. Therefore the school should be responsible for his bill. It was a very stressful day to say the least.

Off work, and on to the week end. Friday was pretty uneventful. Ate dinner - don't even remember what it was- a little chat and beddy bye...

Saturday was a gorgeous day outside. I cleaned a little and kinda lazed around until late afternoon. Went to the bank and stopped for Chinese take out. That took care of dinner. Got into the chat room where I found an interesting conversation.

Last week my friends, Ellie and Jim, had gone to visit the McFalls where Jim had a brief encounter with a green garden snake. Well, he told our other friend, Speedy about it. Speedy, the teller of tall tales, and not wanting to be outdone by a itty bitty snake had to report about the time when a GIANT beetle took up residence in his pants. Now, if you know Speedy, by the time the story was finished the Beetle was so big it could have eaten Birmingham. Jim searched for a picture of Speedy and found a picture but no sign of the pants or the Beetle. At the time of this writing, Speedy is hoping the Beetle will bring his pants home Somewhere In Time.

Here is the photo of the day.
And in the words of my Father, "That's it for Today".


Tumbleweed Dee said...

A great job with photoshop!! A great blog.

Speedy said...

OK who's idea was it to put my picture on the picture??? LOL you guys are Relentless. That is OK I was just trying to make Jim feel better. I know he was embarrassed about being afraid of snakes so I was just trying to make him feel better. OK so it backfired! LOL

See ya in Chat

Joe and Sherri

Mark and Dortha said...

Great picture. That Speedy, there is only one of him for sure.