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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meeting The Dubrouillets

Well, it was a great day in Spokane!! Today was the day I get to meet Fillmore and his parents. REK and I drove to Coeur d'alene to Blackwell Island RV Resort to meet them . They had planned to stay a few days but only ended up staying overnight. I was thrilled that they took the time out of their busy schedule to visit.

After introductions we visited for awhile at their RV. JoAnn gave me the "nickel tour". She has done some modifications to their RV. I loved the Southwestern flair.

After visiting for awhile we drove to Azteca, a mexican restaurant for some dinner. I won't mention whose plate this is but I can tell you a little of it went home in a "Go Box" and was eaten for lunch today.

JoAnn and Doug at the restaurant -

After dinner we went back to the RV where Doug, JoAnn and Fillmore posed for some "Jenny's Desk" Photos. Move over Howard and Linda!!!

Fillmore had to show off his "Doggles" .

I had great fun visiting with Fillmore. I have to say he is my favorite #1 standard poodle. He is so smart and I have never met a more well behaved poodle. Not only that he is downright smart. He understands english and follows commands and can even tell his right from his left. Now how cool is that? I know SOME people who can't do that.

How can you not fall in love with this face?

What nice people. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and I look forward to seeing them in the Southwest and spending more time together. My life has been enriched by meeting the Dubrouillets.
With hugs and handshakes , and wishes for a safe journey to Colorado we parted company.
To all my friends and family, I ask that you keep Doug and JoAnn in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with Doug's health issues. If your church has a prayer list please add the name of Doug Dubrouillet.

That's it for today.

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Debbie and Rod said...

Did you take anything home to keep your tortillas warm?? ;-)