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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Great Day!

Well, there's not a lot of news from around here.  You know there isn't much going on when you only travel between the recliner,  the computer desk and the dinner table with the occasional visit to the doctor.

As usual, the doctor sends you for umpteen blood tests and numerous office calls before he can rewrite your medication you've been taking all along......and then.....he has the nurse call to give you the bad news ------you need one more office visit to discuss the results of his latest findings. Of course, you don't get that call until after the office has closed so you fume and fret overnight about the dire results of said tests. As you lay awake at 4 AM staring at the ceiling your imagination runs wild. You have a lot of strange, exciting and surprising thoughts. Will I even be able to make it out of the bed to go to the doctor? Do I have enough insurance to cover all the doctor visits? What will happen if he gives me really bad news? Do I need a psychatrist?

So after a sleepless night, you drag your tired and weary body out of bed with no coffee or breakfast and shuffle off to the doctor's office. The nurse greets you with a smile and a great big "Hello, and how are we feeling today? Then the doctor says "What's ailin' you? What kind of symptoms do you have?" I don't know Doc, you tell me.

"According to the tests we have run, the mice in the laboratory indicate you have too much sugar, your thyroid has quit working, your cholesterol is out of whack, you pee when you don't need to, and the neighbors tell me you are having severe bouts of gas.

Here are six prescriptions be sure to have them filled at the Stickittoyou Pharmacy. I will know if you don't when I receive my cut next month. Oh and, by the way, be sure to watch your pasta, no potatoes, no sugar, no milk products, no carbs, ......and keep an eye on your weight."

"But Doc, I have been watching it", you say, "I've got it right out here in front of me where I can watch it".

So, it's off to the pharmacy for drugs and the grocery for rabbit food and back to my recliner----

I am still green side up -- it has been a great day!!!!!

That's it for today!


Jim and Linda said...

Oh Man!!! That sure sounds familar.

Have a great day,

Jim and Linda

Vera said...

I had a good laugh. Thanks ☺☺☺