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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Challenge -- Day 2

Well,  I woke up to pouring rain today. It did clear off for awhile but then we had tornado warnings, wind, rain and hail which has continued all evening.  It is hard to get any "git up and go" when it is pouring down the rain.  I just want to jump in the bed cover up my head and stay there until it is all over.  Unfortunately that didn't happen today.  I stayed busy but I didn't see anything in particular I did.

On a sad note tonight I lost a very dear friend who passed away early this morning.  Rest in peace Kevin Sulllivan...You will truly be missed by our RVing Family.  Condolences to Arlene, the children, grandchildren and many many friends across the USA. 

With a very very sad heart "That's it for today".

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JB said...

Kevin and Arlene were amongst the first of the dreamers that we met and he will be missed by all.