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Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!!

Oh My Goodness time flies when you are having fun!! My poor blog is really suffering. I have definitely neglected it this month and I need to get back in the groove. It is really hard to keep up.

A lot of people are moving around the country and I have to keep up with those people. I travel mny miles each day from Washington State to Southern Idaho, Montana, Missouri, Canada, Colorado, Texas, Louisana, North Carolina, California, Maine, Michigan, South Dakota, even all the way to Mexico. It is so much fun to travel with my friends. With the power of the internet and the worldwide web. I can go to all these places.

And then when I am through traveling.............

I can go to my Facebook to find out what my other friends are doing. I can go to Yoville and check in with even more of them to see what kind of house they have bought or what they are doing. When I am through with that I can go work on my farm in Farm Town. My farm really sufers because I forget to go there. The only thing I have grown is potatoes and even some of those even rotted because I forgot to harvest them. I need lots of help with my farm.

And then there is the game Bejeweled---I seem to spend a lot of time there too. Too much time as a matter of fact.

After that I can hop on into the RV Dreams Chat Room and catch up on all the news and maybe, just maybe get a couple of tips for when I start RVing.

Oh, and then there is that dreaded "H" word -- Housework!! I am still trying to get all these boxes unpacked...remember that photo of my clean desk last week -- and the box of office supplies sitting there.....well, It is still sitting there. I did dig through it looking for something. I didn't find it but now I forgot what it was.

And I have a new hobby....this house came with an attached greenhouse - and a greenhouse means growing things - like vegetables and flowers and such. It seemed like a waste to see that little greenhouse sit empty so I decided it needed a few seeds, and a few plants, and then a few more plants and before I knew it I almost had a real garden. Zuchinni, cucumbers, yellow squash, tomatoes, habaneros, marigolds, zinnias, petunias, geraniums. etc. Well, No one ever bothered to tell me plants have to be watered and cared for and it takes up a lot of time but I believe the end result will be well worth the time I am spending with them. I will take some photos in a day or two...

Right now, I think I will rest for awhile -- After all that work - I am really tired.

That's It For Today!!

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