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Friday, June 19, 2009

No More Cyber Friends

Gordon's reaction to meeting his long time cyber friend, Jenny J. .....Priceless!!

Well, It was an absolutely awesome day. The weather was absolutely perfect…not too hot - not too cold, The skies were a brilliant blue with white puffy clouds moving overhead. Every once in awhile a cloud would cover the sun and then pop back out again.

The other reason it was a GREAT day was I was meeting my cyber friends Gordon and Juanita and Bodie for the very first time. I have corresponded off and on with them for the last couple years and followed their journal Seeing the USA in our Chevrolet for a couple of years now. From the Southwest to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to South Dakota, Idaho, the Oregon Coast and all the way to Alaska, Back to Texas for the winter and their trek to the Northwest this year.

They recently spent a month in Southern Idaho . I was delighted to find they were going to Missoula and would be coming through Spokane. We tried to connect on Wednesday afternoon but were unable to do so but today was set aside for that very first meeting.

It was a great drive on US 395 about 25 miles north of Spokane to Deer Park. There wasn’t very much traffic and the only construction was a detour in Deer Park. The problem was the communication between the driver and the GPS system. And as everyone knows - the GPS system is always right - at least this one is.

Sometimes when you’re meeting someone for the first time you are a little apprehensive-- not the case here --- how do you describe someone who greets you with a hug and a great big “You’re not a cyber friend any more”. It was just as if we had known each other for years.

Even Bodie's not a cyber dog anymore. He is so well behaved.

What a beautiful 5th wheel they have.

Juanita takes Bodie for a walk.

Gordon and his lovely wife Juanita are both truly wonderful people and most gracious. After a tour of their lovely home we sat out in the sun for a few hours visiting until it got too warm and we moved into the shade. There was never a lull in the conversation . We found we have a lot of mutual RV friends and lots of similar interests. Juanita has whetted my appetite for sewing again -- so I am putting that on my to do list. I am off to JoAnn's for fabric and notions.

We finally decided it was time for a late lunch or early dinner so Gordon got on the internet and found a 4 star restaurant in Deer Park. We loaded up and followed Gordon and Juanita and their GPS to a vacant lot full of weeds in a housing development in a “remote” part of town. Great Going Gordon!! He righted himself and drove straight to the restaurant. I could have told him it was located right next to Les Schwab tires.

It was good food, and excellent company. I would have taken a photo but I left the camera in the car and I couldn’t talk REK into getting it for me. So no food photos.

We said our goodbyes to these fine people in the parking lot at Shagnasty’s and headed back to Spokane.

It was a very fine day and I especially want to thank Ed and Marilyn Dray for introducing me to my new friends Gordon and Juanita.

Not a bad photo of a 62 and a 24 year old!!

The trip back was uneventful until we got to Sprague and Argonne (the same road Gordon and Juanita followed yesterday). There were police cars around and a Q 6 news crew and I wondered what was going on. Got home and turned on the news - there had been a bank robbery on the corner there and they were searching for the suspect.

Beautiful drive, wonderful new friends, good food - you can’t ask for more - I am blessed.

That’s it for Today.

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Speedy said...

Yes I knew them from the Carriage they bought about the same time we bought ours.