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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

White or No White

Well, Labor Day has now come and gone. It was pretty uneventful around here. Labor Day originiated in 1882 and is observed annually in honor of the working people. The first Monday in September is celebrated as a federal holiday and by Americans as the end of summer.

Labor Day is also designated in the fashion industry as the day to pack away your "white" clothing, especially accessories and clothing worn below the waist. This means white purses, jewelry, pants and shoes. Also, you are supposed to switch between straw and felt cowboy hats after Labor Day.

Here's some reasons we don't wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

White reflects heat. Dark colors absorb it. It's gettin' colder after Labor day. You do the math.

Too dificult to find your children in the snow if they're wearing white.

The laundramat pixies traditionally celebrates the passing of summer by leaving a brand new red sock with every load of whites.

The same reason doctors wear pink lab coats instead of white ones.

The fabric will disintegrate if you try to get out one more ketchup stain.

Takes until Memorial Day to get the Labor Day barbecue ketchup stains out.

Martha Stewart has a wicked temper, that's why.

So my white hat goes on the shelf until Memorial Day!!

And there you have it, "That's it for Today!"


Speedy said...

I just wear what I have. I can't afford special clothes for special times of the year. If I am out of style so be it what can I say..

Joe and Sherri

Mark and Dortha said...

I always hated it when my mom made me put up my white shoes.