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Monday, November 28, 2011

It's That Time Again

Well, It's that time again - a while since my last post and my Writer's Group is meeting and here I sit with nothing to show I have been doing any writing... and here's the conversation

Jenny, what have you written since we saw you last?

Well, I say "Would you believe the dog ate my homework?"

We are not buying that!, they reply.

But, I was on vacation and Don had a heart attack and we spent five days at St Thomas Heart Institute in Nashville while he had two stents in his heart.

We are very happy he is doing much better but ...........what happened to the other 25 days in October.

Hey, give me a break I am still trying to remember part two of "What I Did Last Summer"

Okay, We will give you a break but for next month we will need 10 pages of new material, no excuses and because of the Christmas Holiday we won't meet until the second of January. Will that give you enough time?

Yes, yes, and yes, I promise to have something written by then....I have this little idea rattling my little pea brain

Now if I can just enlist the help of all my blogging friends to help to keep me on track until next year.

That's it for today

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